July 29, 2019

Miserable Man Who Hates Baseball Demands That People Stop Enjoying Baseball

Three of the last four Red Sox games were fun, weren't they? It was enjoyable watching the Yankees' pitchers get whiplash from watching the 36 extra-base hits they gave up in the last four games to the red-hot Red Sox? It was cool to see Boston score more runs against the hated Yankees both in a single game and in a four-game series than they ever had before, right?

Well, a certain curly-haired sportswriter, a dinosaur that 15 years ago watched his one and only meal ticket dry up and blow away, a guy who was already an irrelevant mosquito on the media scene many years before that glorious autumn, is once again shaking his fist at a passing cloud and demanding that YOU STOP HAVING FUN WHEN THE RED SOX DO FUN THINGS!! The headline of his latest jumble of rehashed words (he's been turning in slightly-altered versions of the same column for the past 15 years, too) is: "Let's Not Get Swept Up By This Red Sox Team Quite Yet".

Because you cannot simply enjoy one game or three games - and then hope for the best the rest of the way (like a normal person). Nope. If you even smiled a little bit during the 19-3, 10-5, and 9-5 wins, you obviously also believe the Red Sox will finish this season 66-0 (55 regular season and 11 postseason games) and celebrate another title. And this fossil is here to helpfully remind you that you are an idiot for thinking that way (even though no one thinks that way). The "us" in that headline is actually an empty room.


FenFan said...

CHB is the kind of person who pisses in his own Cheerios

Paul Hickman said...

Muchas Gracias to FenFan !

That amusing image made me laugh & I imagined him getting ready for another "quality" Column with those "miserably named" snacks at the ready !

Perhaps he craps in his Cereal too ?

No wonder he is so bitter & twisted .......

It certainly could "explain" his hair !!!