July 20, 2019

G99: Red Sox 17, Orioles 6

Red Sox - 041 830 001 - 17 17  0
Orioles - 005 010 000 -  6 14  1
Jackie Bradley drove in six runs through the first four innings on Saturday afternoon, thanks to two three-run homers, and the Red Sox scored a season-high 17 runs. The score (from Boston's perspective) at the end of three consecutive half-innings provided a brief rollercoaster of emotions: 5-0, 5-5, 13-5.

Rafael Devers, Mookie Betts, and Sandy León also homered. It was the third game of the season in which the Red Sox hit at least five home runs. (They hit five against the Rangers on June 13 and six against the Orioles on June 14.)

Devers also tripled and scored three runs. Betts added a single and double, scored twice, and drove in three runs. Brock Holt played three infield positions: second, first, and shortstop. Christian Vázquez started the game behind the plate and ended it at third base.

Six players scored at least two runs: Devers (3), Betts (2), J.D. Martinez (2), Andrew Benintendi (2), Vázquez (2), Bradley (2).

Six players had at least two hits: Betts (3), Martinez (3), Devers (2), Xander Bogaerts (2), Vázquez (2), Bradley (2).

Five players knocked in at least two runs: Bradley (6), Betts (3), Devers (2), Martinez (2), Vázquez (2).

Rick Porcello (5-11-6-1-4, 99) gave back a five-run lead in the third inning and was rewarded with a "win". It was Porcello's fifth consecutive start in which he allowed at least four runs.

The Red Sox scored four runs in the second inning before making an out. Martinez singled, Benintendi walked, Vázquez singled (1-0), and Bradley homered (4-0).

In the fourth, it was the opposite, as Boston scored all eight runs with two outs. Bradley flied out to center. Michael Chavis was safe on an E6. Holt flied out to center. Betts homered (7-5). Devers walked. Bogaerts singled. Jimmy Yacabonis relieved Tom Eshelman. Martinez doubled (9-5). Yacabonis threw a wild pitch. Benintendi walked. Vázquez singled (10-5). Bradley homered (13-5). Chavis flied out to center.

Yacabonis's trouble continued in the fifth as Holt doubled, Yacabonis threw another wild pitch, Betts singled (14-5), Devers tripled (15-5), Bogaerts singled (16-5), and Martinez singled. Yacabonis faced 10 batters and recorded only one out, allowing eight hits and seven runs. (He became the first Orioles reliever to allow at least seven runs and record only one out since Rick Bauer on May 11, 2004.)

Infielder/outfielder Stevie Wilkerson took the mound for the second time in eight days and pitched the final two innings. (After throwing one inning against the Rays on July 12, he gave himself the nickname "Dr. Poo-Poo". He is also the fourth position player to pitch for Baltimore this season.)

None of his pitches on Saturday topped 60 mph, which likely confused the hell out of Gameday. The play-by-play recorded all 11 of his pitches in the eighth inning as curveballs (51-60 mph) and all nine of his ninth-inning pitches as sliders (51-55 mph). Or maybe that's really what he threw ...

AL East: MFY 11, Rockies 5. White Sox 2, Rays 1 (11). ... MFY –, TBR 10.0, BOS 11.0.
Rick Porcello / Tom Eshelman
Betts, RF
Devers, 3B
Bogaerts, SS
Martinez, DH
Benintendi, LF
Vázquez, C
Bradley, CF
Chavis, 1B
Holt, 2B
Xander Bogaerts, last night:
[E]very team that comes to play against us, they are playing extra. They really want to beat us and humiliate us. This definitely is one of the worst. ... They're not one of the leading teams in any category ... they're last in our division. For them to beat us like they did ...
Nathan Eovaldi is back on the 25-man roster. Ryan Weber was optioned to Pawtucket.

AL East: Rockies/MFY, 1 PM. White Sox/Rays, 6 PM. ... MFY –, TBR 9.0, BOS 11.0.

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