July 5, 2019

July 1869: A "Very Tedious" Game And A "Dreadful, Stupid" Umpire

The more things change ...
[T]he game lasted 4 hours and 30 minutes - just two hours and a-half too long. ... If the contest had lasted another minute everybody would have gone to sleep.
While the writer of this July 5, 1869 game recap does not call for robots, after ranting about "the stupidity of the Umpire", he suggests a dog be hired for the next game.

And a score of 38-27, but neither team could manage to score in every inning? Boo. ... No zeroes in the box score, though.

(Thanks to historian Richard Hershberger.)

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GK said...

I would call a 28-27 game boring. When there is no balance between pitching and hitting it should be called that. I know TV ratings of the Mcgwire-Sosa duel of the 90's prove me otherwise. If the game had continued that way we would have already seen pitchers replaced by pitching machines. Not because it would be hard to pitch, but who would want to be human cannon fodder.