April 11, 2004

Any More Questions? That's how Bob Hohler begins his game story. He also quotes Gabe Kapler: "I just hope people recognize that you can't panic when he doesn't have an incredible night. It's unfair to Pedro to take a decent night and turn it into a nightmare. He sets such a high standard for himself that it's difficult for people to appreciate it when he has just an OK night for Pedro, which is a tremendous night for many, many people around the league."

Although only a few of his pitches topped 90 mph, Martinez dominated the Jays. His curveball -- MIA in Baltimore -- was especially sharp. In the 6th and 7th innings, he threw only 8 and 9 pitches, respectively. That allowed him to pitch into the 8th, at which point Keith Foulke needed only 11 pitches to get the final 4 outs. The crowd was roaring -- chanting "Ped-!ro, Ped-ro!" -- and exploding on every strike call. And this was only the sixth game of the season.

Terry Francona was booed when he went to get Martinez after he struck out Catalanotto, but it was the right move. "Even before the inning started I had determined that I would go to Foulke before Wells batted." Francona on leadoff man Cesar Crespo: "I like the idea of a left-handed bat facing Halladay ... Crespo can bunt, he can run, and this way it doesn't throw the rest of the lineup into chaos."

Boston has to place Daubach on waivers within the next 10 days, then another team would have 48 hours to claim him. Epstein said Daubach would be willing to join Pawtucket if he is not claimed. "[I]t's a move we had to make. ... We can't be in a situation where if we go to extra innings, all of a sudden, boom, we don't have anyone to take the ball."

Damon was greeted at the players' parking lot by a group of fans wearing long wigs, fake beards and "Damon's Disciples" T-shirts (with "We have Jesus on our side" printed on them). X-rays of Damon's left knee showed no bone damage. He will likely return Tuesday. ... At the end of Edes's Baseball Notes column is a cool story of how Daubach met his wife Christine in Baltimore. ... Baseball Primer's Looking Forward To 2004: Red Sox and Yankees. ... Statistical analysis in baseball goes back to Henry Chadwick in the 1860s.

A nervous Curt Schilling faces his former Arizona teammate Miguel Batista at 2:05 pm.

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