April 18, 2004

Why Does The Truth Hate America? AP: "Following an important meeting on Iraq war planning in late 2001, President Bush told the public that the discussions were about Afghanistan. He made no mention afterward about Iraq even though that was the real focus of the session at his ranch. 'I'm right now focused on the military operations in Afghanistan,' Bush told reporters after talks on Dec. 28, 2001, with top aides and generals. ... In a Washington speech last month, Franks said he discussed with the president on that day the 'growing storm' and the need to revise a long-standing military contingency plan for Iraq."

Also: "Franks presented a list of assumptions that were behind the plan. They included that Iraq would be the main effort of the United States and would get priority on resources, and that the Afghan operation and the global fight against terrorism would provide a noise level under which Iraq operations could proceed." ... In other words, divert everyone's attention with Afghanistan, which was only a smokescreen for their real plan. How can anyone still support these war criminals?

"The first part of April has been the bloodiest period so far for US troops in Iraq. There were 87 deaths by hostile fire in the first 15 days of this month ... The last time US troops experienced a two-week loss such as this one in Iraq was October 1971, two years before US ground involvement ended in Vietnam." ... European Union external relations commissioner Chris Patten: "The comparison ... that Iraq could become as difficult an issue as Vietnam is misplaced, because I think it is arguably much more serious." ... I found these quotes last night. The April death count is now 93. Number of US dead since Bush cried "Bring them on": 488.

"If You Said to Me, Name 25 Million People Who Would Maybe Be President ... He Wouldn't Have Been in That Category" ... How To Build a Watch.

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