April 18, 2004

Yankees 7, Red Sox 3. Bleech. ... Every pitcher, except for 1999-2000 Pedro, has at least one stinker every season. I'm putting Lowe's Sunday outing in that category. I don't know whether it's fair or accurate, but there it goes.

This was simply one of those games where the team couldn't get started. After the disasterous third, they roared right back with two runs, but once Contreras was gone, the bats fell asleep. Three hits and one walk over the next (and final) 6.2 innings. Bellhorn was sore from being hit on Saturday, so Boston was stuck with Crespo/Reese in the 8-9 spots.

As I mentioned on Opening Night, the Red Sox are going to lose around 60 games this summer. That first game in Baltimore was one of them and we saw another one today. ... Malaska did well and although Seibel walked two guys in both the 7th and 9th innings, he didn't crumble and allow himself to get beat. And who would have figured he'd pitch the most innings (3.2) of anybody on either side? ... Manny continues to smoke the ball (his blast to the triangle on a 3-0 pitch in the 3rd brought home two runs) and Mueller had two singles and a walk.

Outside of that 3rd-inning burst, the Yankees struggled. In their other 8 frames, they went 4-28 (.143); Jeter's single with one out in the 5th was their last safety. And although they were also given nine walks, they scored only one additional run. Rodriguez is 0-12 in the series and his average has dropped to a Pokey-esque .156. ... The Yankees play one more game in Fenway (Arroyo/Brown at 11 am tomorrow) and then go to Chicago before meeting up with the Red Sox for three games in the Bronx beginning on Friday night.

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