April 10, 2004

Blue Jays 10, Red Sox 5. Annoying -- highly annoying. Arroyo was decent enough, I suppose -- he did leave with a 5-4 lead. I'm curious why Malaska pitched only the 7th (a 1-2-3 10-pitch inning) and an overworked Timlin was trotted out in the 8th to piss the game away (with 37 pitches).

I hope Tito is not of the same "why use two pitchers when you can use four" school as his Predecessor. It seemed that during the Orioles series, he was. Although if Embree was going to come into Friday's game anyway -- was he slotted for the 9th? -- he should have been up in the pen earlier than the seventh batter in the 8th. ... I am confident that, unlike his Predecessor, Francona will learn from his mistakes.

I also hope everyone went to bed early last night. ... More later.

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