April 18, 2004

Bush Knew, Part 573. Re David Schippers, conservative Chicago lawyer and the House Judiciary Committee's chief investigator in the Clinton impeachment trial. "On Sept. 13, 2001, in an interview with Pittsburgh radio station WRRK, Schippers alleged that federal authorities had received information about Middle Eastern involvement in the attacks at Oklahoma City and plans to strike buildings in lower Manhattan. He had tried contacting Attorney General John Ashcroft, the White House, even the House managers with whom he had worked. But nobody returned his phone calls. ... "'I was trying to get people to listen to me because I had heard that the terrorists had set up a three-pronged attack': an American airplane [TWA 800, according to Schippers], the bombing of a federal building in the heartland and a massive attack in lower Manhattan, he said.

"'People thought I was crazy. What I was doing was I was calling everybody I knew telling them that this has happened,' he said. "I'm telling you the more I see of the stuff that's coming out, if the FBI had even been awake they would have seen it." Schippers' intelligence indicated the original plan was to set off a 'dirty nuclear bomb,' a bomb containing conventional explosives and nuclear waste material, in lower Manhattan." ... Schippers said (in an October 2001 interview) it was FBI agents in Chicago and Minnesota who told him about an upcoming terrorist attack in lower Manhattan.

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