July 20, 2004

Another Foulking Loss. Many fans are calling this morning's 8-4 choke to Seattle the worst of the year. Perhaps it is. My low point was Edgar's pinch-hit game-tying home run in the 9th. ... After Boone's ball sailed well over Manny's head and the left field fence at 1:44 am, I shut the TV off, quietly filled in my scorecard and went to bed. Where I dreamed that we weren't relying on Derek Lowe to stop this nearly three-month-long skid.

Lots of ifs in this one: If Arroyo starts the 8th, perhaps the pen survives the 9th; if Nomar was quicker getting to Ichiro's grounder up the middle to start the 8th, perhaps Embree finishes the inning; if Mueller makes a decent throw to second on Winn's grounder, perhaps the Mariners do not score their 2nd run that inning.

Hell, if Boston could have scored more runs (bases loaded, 1 out in the 1st, Nomar GIDP (but hey it was on the 2nd pitch (he hacked the first one foul, which came after Villone hit Mueller and walked Ortiz and Manny; nice patience, Nosmarts)); 1st & 3rd with 0 out in the 4th, Millar foules out and Kapler lines into a DP; leadoff double in the 5th, but Bellhorn dies at third) ...

Last year, this team made me hopeful even on days they lost. This year, even when they win, they piss me off. I need a drink ... and the cabinet is empty.

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