July 5, 2004

Notes. I was pretty surprised yesterday when Bobby Cox walked Nomar intentionally to pitch to Manny with the bases loaded and no outs. So was David Ortiz, who yelled out to Ramirez: "'Don't they have cable here in Atlanta? Don't they see you're hitting .340?' He just looked at me and gave me a gesture like, 'I'll take care of it.'" ... Manny crushed a two-run double to right-center and when he got to second base, he was waving his arms, making sure Ortiz and Pedro had seen his big hit.

Nomar's bat is heating up; he went 7-for-13 in Atlanta. ... While Theo defends Tito and Nomar, the Sun Sentinel has more info on the Marlins' possible interest in Garciaparra. "The most likely trade bait would be shortstop Alex Gonzalez, a longtime favorite of Boston owner John Henry. If the Marlins thought Garciaparra could (or would) move to first base, they might be willing to part with Hee Seop Choi instead. ... Red Sox scouts Bill Lajoie and Murray Cook were at Pro Player Stadium for the recent series against Atlanta, when [Brad] Penny and [Carl] Pavano started on consecutive days."

Tuesday's game may be the very first time that the Red Sox have their full lineup on the field. ... Barry Bonds became the all-time walks leader with 2,191, breaking Rickey Henderson's record yesterday in San Francisco. ... Tony Massarotti sez: "First things first: Lowe's gotta go" ... The starting assignments for the Oakland and Texas series -- which will take us to the All-Star break -- look like this:

Tuesday - Wakefield v. Zito
Wednesday - Pedro v. Redman
Thursday - Schilling v. Harden

Friday - Arroyo
Saturday - Lowe
Sunday - Wakefield

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