July 16, 2004

Book Review. Mark Robinson recently reviewed my book at his Phillies blog I'm Not An Athlete:

"What's great about this book is that it talks about Babe Ruth before he became the greatest thing since sliced bread. 1918 marked the end of two eras -- the Red Sox winning ways (they haven't won a World Series since, in case you haven't heard) and Babe Ruth's career as a pitcher. Throughout the season, he battled the team's manager, Ed Barrow, trying to get time in the field in addition to his starts as a pitcher because he loved hitting so much. Eventually Barrow started to give in and the rest, as they say, is history. Another interesting aspect of this book (which actually seemed sort of tacked-on at the end) was the supposition that the 1918 series was fixed. The case doesn't seem as clear-cut as what happened the next year with the fabled Black Sox, but it's interesting to read about nonetheless."

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