July 22, 2004

Someone -- Finally -- Says The Obvious. It's Gabe Kapler. From the Globe: "I think we need to battle a little bit harder. I think we've had a couple of instances recently where we've gotten behind in a game and have become semi-lifeless, and I think it's important that we show a little amount of tenacity right now." (And in the Herald) ... Kapler's words could have been a little stronger and if he was an everyday player, perhaps they would have been. The question is what is this team going to do about it?

Fans need to vent and get back on the horse. ... Day-night doubleheader today. According to redsox.com, lefty Abe Alvarez is up from Portland (AA) to make his major league debut against Rodrigo Lopez at 1:05 pm; Tim Wakefield/Dave Borkowski at 7:05 pm.

Afternoon lineup:

Bellhorn 2b
Mueller 3b
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Garciaparra SS
Nixon RF
Millar 1B
Varitek C
Kapler CF

The Yankees arrive tomorrow and if the Red Sox don't get their act together fast, it's going to be one ugly weekend.

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