July 26, 2004

What A Difference Two Games Make.

Mike Vaccaro, New York Post

July 24: "Schilling and Foulke were supposed to be the Red Sox' means of catching the Yankees this year. Better luck next year."

July 26: "Consider this a useful weekend of field research for the Yankees, who get on with the rest of their summer fully aware once again that the Red Sox ... are very much Out There. Lurking. Loitering. Waiting. They're hiding in the weeds, dangerous as a camouflaged rattlesnake."

Kevin Kernan, New York Post

July 24: "There will be no flags raised by the Red Sox this year. ... The AL East dresses in Pinstripes again. Even if the Red Sox make it into the playoffs as a wild card team ... they are in big trouble."

July 26: Boston's victory Sunday night "gave the Yankees another reason to fear the Sox come October. ... [The Yankees] figure to survive the AL East, but the way this pitching staff is performing, they have no chance of winning a World Series."

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