July 1, 2004

Bush's Military Records. Paul Lukasiak has written what looks like the definitive analysis of George W. Bush's military records (as part of the AWOL Project): "An examination of the Bush military files within the context of US Statutory Law, Department of Defense regulations, and Air Force policies and procedures of that era lead to a single conclusion: George W. Bush was considered a deserter by the United States Air Force. ... However, Bush's desertion from the Armed Forces thirty years ago is not terribly relevant. Lots of people make mistakes in their early twenties, and those mistakes do not necessarily reflect on the character of individuals when they are in their fifties. What is relevant is Bush's continued lies about his service, and his insistence upon presenting his service in the US Military as "honorable". It was not. Bush simply blew off his last two years of required service, and was able to get away with it because he came from a politically influential family. There is no other explanation for Bush's records. None."

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