August 7, 2004

55 Games Remain. Earlier today, in a discussion about Terry Francona (and the security of his current employment), SoSH poster Rough Carrigan wrote:
Actually, Tito may be just the right manager for this team ... in 2005. It seems as though they all came to spring training just expecting to waltz into the playoffs and to then turn it on. Having Barney the dinosaur as your manager doesn't help to counteract that. But, if this season turns out badly and the players all get one serious ration of merde from Red Sox Nation, there will be no problem with self motivation next year.
My response (which isn't really a response to Rough, but his last sentence reminded me of something I've wanted to work in somewhere for a little while):
Okay, maybe this team waltzed into spring training, read all the pre-season articles and figured they'd waltz into the playoffs. I can't really say that I blame them. I thought the same thing too.

But c'mon -- they must realize BY NOW that it ain't gonna happen this way. So what are they going to do about it? What have they been doing about it? Do they need Tito (or the media or the fans) to point it out to them that the clock is ticking? I fucking hope not.

Bottom line -- if this team doesn't realize they better turn it on NOW and KEEP IT ON until the snow starts falling, then we (and they) are sunk.
Pedro/Bonderman at 7:05 pm. ... Could the winning streak we're all waiting for start tonight, please?

P.S. At 10½ games, I have officially given up on the AL East.

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