August 10, 2004

When Will Tito Get The Knack? Last night, in his "Keys to the Game," SoSHer Jose Melendez suggests the Red Sox parody a pop song for their playoff drive, e.g., 1999's "Nomar #5" from "Mambo #5." Jose picked "My Sharona"/"Why Francona":
Never chew your players out, players out.
Though they scream for more playing time, Francona?
Though you never hit and run, hit and run.
Or go bunt it on down the line Francona!
Three posters -- sfip, soxfaninyankeeland and me (respectively) -- help out:
Bringing in the closer huh, ah will ya, huh?
Close enough, the lead's only five, Francona.
Why Foulke's in's a mystery, it gets to me
Are Adams and 'Doza alive, Francona?


Never gonna stop, mixing up
The bottom and the top
Always mixing up, the lineup
When you gonna bat Cabrera 9, Francona?


When you gonna finally see, finally see
Left field is no place for Millar, Francona.
Theo looks at OBP, OBP
He lets you think too much for yourself, Francona.

Never gonna stop, give it up.
Such a slow hook. Always leave 'em in too long
You ain't the winning kind.
My my my i yi woo.
Wh-wh-wh-why Francona?

You leave your starters in too long, in too long
Why wait until the game's out of reach, Francona?
Where's the sense of urgency, urgency?
The wild card is far from a lock, Francona.
Losings got to stop. Cowboy up
[something, something, something] etc.
Anyone else?

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