August 5, 2004

"Nomar Hurt By BP Ball" -- True Or False?. Bob Hohler, Globe: "From the beginning, Nomar Garciaparra attributed the tendinitis in his right Achilles' tendon to a ball striking him in batting practice before an exhibition game between the Red Sox and Northeastern University March 5 at City of Palms Park in Fort Myers, Fla. But Garciaparra said he never knew who hit the ball. And no one else in the organization acknowledged hitting the ball or witnessing the incident.

"As it turns out, the episode may not have happened. Two sources familiar with Garciaparra's case said yesterday that Garciaparra told a different story to club officials, but the team never contradicted the shortstop's story, even though club officials were aware it wasn't accurate. One source said he was told Garciaparra was injured before spring training." ... More here and here.

Todd Walker defends Nomar. ... All of the Globe's Nomar coverage is here. ... Nomar on why he was seated on the bench during the July 1 loss to the Yankees: "My teammates told me to go sit down in a specific spot so we can go score some runs." Anything is possible, but why did it take over one month for this reason to surface, either from Nomar or any of the other Red Sox?

After making a fourth rehabilitation for Pawtucket, Scott Williamson will hopefully be activated for the weekend. ... Bronson Arroyo slipped from 2nd to 4th in the AL in road ERA (3.03).

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