August 1, 2004

Today's Lineup. The Red Sox are facing LHP in 3 of their next 4 games (including today), so David Ortiz has dropped his appeal and begins serving his bat-throwing suspension.

Orlando Cabrera has arrived; Andy Dominique was sent down. Dave Roberts will meet the team Monday in Tampa Bay. I'm not sure why Mientkiewicz is sitting (he has hit LHP and RHP equally well over his career), but since he thought he was playing at home all this coming week, perhaps he needs time to pack.

Damon CF
Bellhorn 2B
Cabrera SS
Ramirez LF
Varitek C
Millar DH
Mueller 3B
McCarty 1B
Kapler RF

Dirt Dog reports that Nomar's Achilles/tendonitis has miraculously healed and he's well enough to play today in sunny Wrigley. He'll bat 2nd and wear #8.

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