August 5, 2004

Are You On or Off? It's time to take a stand.

5belongstoGeorge: "I was born on this bus and I will die on this bus."

The Greenwell Mile: "I'm on. Always on. Even when the damn thing is speeding rapidly towards the edge of a massive cliff and sure death, I'm staying on. Because that's what the F it's all about to be a fan. You stick with your team through thick and thin."

notmannysfault: "This team may be frustrating, but it takes a lot more than the current level of inconsistency and hairbrained-ness to take down 24 years of committment, support and hope."

bosoxgirl27: "Often frustrated. Sometimes disappointed. Occasionally raging mad. But always always on..."

Lose Remerswaal: "I may turn the TV off, but I ain't making plans for October evenings no matter how hard my friends laugh at me."

BrunanskysSlide: "Every night I slam my fists with frustration, but in the morning I wake and the first thing on my mind are my Sox."

The Big Red Kahuna: "This is a rhetorical, trick question. By definition, if you are a Red Sox fan, you are always ON. The heart-wrenching, blood pressure-increasing, age-reducing, sleepless-inducing part of rooting for the Sox year in and year out is a part of the overall package. Can't choose when to deal with it and when not to. Just can't. ... You f'ers that are off aren't allowed back on."

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