September 1, 2004

New York Fishwrap. A few snips.

Joel Sherman, New York Post: "It could have been worse. Actually, no, it couldn't have. This was about more than the Yankees being crushed 22-0 by the Indians last night. ... This was supposed to be the week the Yankees feasted against inferior foes at home while the Red Sox, well, became the Red Sox again. Instead, ... Boston is going positively 1978 Yankees on the Yankees. And the Yanks are going positively Mets."

Ken Davidoff, Newsday: "Jaw-droppingly ugly. Historically ugly. ... Steinbrenner held general manager Brian Cashman and other front-office members for nearly an hour after the game. He offered no comment to reporters upon his departure from the Stadium. ... Yankees starting pitchers have recorded only one victory in the team's last 16 games."

New York Daily News: "Moments after The Boss was driven off, Cashman and Trost walked out of the Stadium press entrance looking as if they had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. Cashman was ashen, the bags under his eyes even larger than normal. ... Now with the AL East lead evaporating daily, Steinbrenner may be gearing up for the mother of all tantrums."

Mark Herrmann, Newsday (while expressing doubts about the Yankees pitchers): "The Yankees have been through enough Septembers to know this is no time to panic. They aren't flummoxed by the Boston Red Sox, who have cut a 10½-game lead to 3½. ... This is going to sound weird, but the Yankees shouldn't be worried about the Red Sox. Even last night, it is hard not to see the Yankees not winning the American League East. Their lineup is too good, their schedule is too favorable (19 games at home this month) for them not to win it."

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