September 1, 2004

Visions Of October - A Poll. I was discussing the 2004 playoffs with Laura, my YLP (who has been impressed by the Red Sox's recent surge), last night. She asked me if it would be easier for Boston to not play the Yankees in the ALCS. I said it might be easier, but the ALCS would then lack (for me) that extra level of intensity and satisfaction.

And while that would mean there was the horrific possibility of losing a second straight ALCS to New York, I would take that risk. ... And assuming that one World Series championship is all I will get to enjoy, in my mind, the Red Sox have to defeat the Yankees to make it as enjoyable as possible. But maybe I'm nuts. So ...
Of the following three scenarios, which would you prefer?

Red Sox win AL East, Yankees miss playoffs.
Red Sox advance to ALCS, but Yankees do not.
Red Sox and Yankees meet in ALCS.

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