September 1, 2004

There's Something Happening Here. Yesterday, Art Martone shared his thoughts on the Red Sox resurgence. He closed with this:
And, again, just be thankful it's been the Red Sox taking huge bites out of the Yankees' first-place lead, and not the other way around. ... Think you'd be hearing the words "curse" a few times? Think you'd be reminded of Babe Ruth and Bucky Dent and Bill Buckner once or twice? Think it would be a chance for Yankee fans to crow about their infinite superiority over the Sox ...

Yet there's almost no talk of the Sox completing the charge and taking down the Yankees ... which would be regarded as a given if it was the Yanks who were the hunters and the Sox the hunted. Why? Because -- most people believe -- the Red Sox never beat the Yankees. It's not true, but ... who needs the truth when you've got a stereotype to embrace? A simple answer to a complex question. Almost as simple as saying something won't happen because it's never happened before.
True enough. And last night, things got a little closer in the standings. The back page of today's New York Post -- suitable for framing:

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