May 11, 2005

G33: Red Sox 3, Athletics 2

Right after the game, Kevin Millar said all he has to keep doing is driving in more runs than he's letting in with his glove and he'll be alright. That's a dubious measure of success, but Millar did get the last laugh with a two-run, game-winning, home run last night off Octavio Dotel.

Millar's two errors probably didn't lead to any more Oakland runs that would have scored anyway, but he looked pretty bad anyway, making an ill-advised, off-balanced throw home that skipped away from Jason Varitek in the first inning, not bothering to have his foot on the bag on a fielder's choice in the seventh, and missing a tag on a runner, also in the seventh. The umpire, however, gave the Sox a a gift on that last play, and called the runner out.

Arroyo was the shit once again -- 6.2 innings, three hits, one earned run. ... Johnny Damon singled twice and tripled, extending his hitting streak to 16 games.

In the ninth, Boston trailed 2-1. Manny Ramirez struck out looking, but David Ortiz walked. Millar was seeing only fastballs from Dotel (not so smart!) and he hammered the fifth one on a line over the Wall.


Anonymous said...

The score was 3-2.

redsock said...

fucked this one up too. jeez.