May 15, 2005

Refining The Batting Order

The Red Sox lead the AL in runs scored, but Terry Francona wants more balance in the batting order. Last night, he switched Ortiz to #3 and Ramirez to #4, moved Renteria up to #2 and Nixon down to #5, and dropped Millar to #6 and Varitek to #7. The lineup now goes L-R-L-R-L-R-S-S-S.

Francona: "I don't experiment. We don't make very many lineup changes. I've thought about it for a while. ... I don't know if I could give you one factor. ... If they decide to pitch around someone, somebody is going to get hurt."

Manny talks about his slump and his mother's poor health with Chris Snow. ... The Globe has a feature on Dale Sveum. ... Francona says Jeremi Gonzalez is still scheduled to pitch on Wednesday, but the team's media notes list "TBA." Wells may get the ball that day. ... John Olerud and Robert Petagine are both making progress towards finding a seat on the bench. ... More on Red Sox pitcher Wes Ferrell's two consecutive game-winning home runs in July 1935.

Pokey Reese was presented his World Series ring before Friday night's game. "I sat at home and looked at it all night long. I must have looked at it until 2 in the morning. ... I couldn't believe the way [the fans] took me in. They made it a great situation. That's such a great place to play baseball. I don't have any bad memories at all."

Pedro Martinez will open a three-game series this Friday night against the Yankees. And he's annoyed at the attention. "I thought I ran away from all the garbage you guys write about. I thought once I left the Red Sox, it was over with. A game is a game and that's it. Tom Glavine against the Yankees. [Bullpen catcher Dave] Racaniello against the Yankees. It's the same. They're not Red Sox games."

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