May 22, 2005

Koo D'Etat

In Saturday's Yankees/Mets game:
In his second at-bat in the major leagues - against Randy Johnson, no less - [Mets reliever Dae Sung] Koo moved his bat so well that he whacked a double to the warning track. ... Johnson must have been flummoxed by giving up a double to Koo. When the Mets' Jose Reyes laid down a sacrifice bunt, Jorge Posada, the catcher, went out to field it, and Johnson left home plate unprotected. Koo spotted the opening and burst for home. Sliding, he poked his hand in the general direction of home plate as Posada dove with the ball. ...

The Mets greeted Koo in the dugout with newfound respect. Doug Mientkiewicz ... fanned Koo with a white towel. ... "I'm going to use him as a pinch-hitter tomorrow," [Mets manager Willie] Randolph said, clearly exaggerating, to placate the reporters who were having temporary Koo obsession.

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Michael said...

The best part was the Fox commentators saying, as Koo came up to bat, that this was a wasted at-bat. Before the sentence was complete, the ball was in center field!