May 18, 2005

"You Smell Real Good"

Great stuff on NESN last night. After the bottom of the third was over, EI did not go to commercial and the audio from the NESN booth was still on.
Remy: "Don't take this the wrong way, but you smell real good."

Orsillo: "Who, me?"
Remy starts talking about how Orsillo's eyes are beautiful and how nice his shoes look. Don is kind of egging him on. Remy said something like, "I'm going to hit the street later, working on my game." ... Practicing his pick-up lines on Don?

Was this just a coincedence or inspired by last night's between-innings entertainment?

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Andrew said...

I rely on GameDay Audio to follow the games, and I love Joe and Jerry, but it's this kind of banter that makes you realize what a comedic gift to broadcasting Jerry Remy really is.