May 4, 2005


Kevin Brown faced 11 Tampa Bay batters in the first inning last night -- six of them scored. The Yankees managed only one baserunner in the final four innings (a solo home run) and lost 11-4. ... Headlines:
Yankees Are Growing Old Ungracefully (Times)
Yanks Paying A High Price For Fading Stars (Times)
Yankees Remain Brown In Dumps (Post)
New Look, Old Stink (Post)
New Yankees, Same Brown (Daily News)
George King, Post:
Brown was so putrid that if he were one of George Steinbrenner's thoroughbreds he would be on the way to the glue factory.
Mike Lupica, Daily News:
Suddenly on the $200 million Yankees, Andy Phillips is a player of some significance. Buddy Groom is a pitcher of some significance. A kid out of Double-A named Sean Henn goes tonight. Another rookie pitcher, Chien-Ming Wang, goes tomorrow night. This all happens to the best team Yankee money can buy. While the rest of baseball looks on with pretty much the same reaction: Boo hoo.
Randy Johnson is miffed at the decision to not let him start tonight (Sean Henn, up from AA, will try not to lay an egg.) Yesterday, Johnson told reporters his groin "feels fine. I could have started."

Finally, thieves hijacked a shipment of 47,000 caps scheduled to be given away this weekend at Yankee Stadium.

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