May 28, 2005

Tito: "I'm never going to second-guess Dale. Never. I think he's an awesome coach."

The first step is to admit you have a problem. And Terry Francona is in denial.
I don't think we ran into outs. They made plays. We strung some hits together, we just didn't have much to show for it. ... The ball to left field, Dale was bringing him all the way. I was bringing him from the dugout. I'm never going to second-guess Dale. Never. Especially here [at Yankee Stadium]. ... I think he's an awesome coach.
Obviously, you've got a second baseman going out to left who hasn't made a lot of throws. But we've got the lead there, you've got one of the greatest pitchers on the mound there who makes his living getting out of jams. Sometimes you push the envelope there. The other one, I made a big mistake. I thought the ball rolled farther out into center field than it did. I'd take that one back. The other one, we have a good base runner in Bellhorn at second base [perhaps, but slow], you're trying to add on, we're on the road, we haven't scored a lot of runs lately, we're trying to put more pressure on them.
Bob Ryan, Globe:
[H]ow many times do you think a team ends an inning in the middle of the game with five straight hits? ... Oh, but it gets better. The Yankees opened their half of the sixth trailing, 3-1. Five batters later they led, 6-3, and there still was no one out. This means in the sixth inning 10 men reached base consecutively, five for the world champs and five for the Evil Empire. The only difference was that the world champs had one additional run on the scoreboard, and the Evil Empire had five.
David Wells:
I've never seen anything like that. Five straight hits? We should've been up 5-1.
MLB has a nice feature on Anibal Sanchez. ... Kelly Shoppach will likely make his first big league start Sunday night. ... Bronson Arroyo and Mike Timlin have tried the new colored contact lenses which are designed to filter light. Only Timlin has worn the lenses in a game.

Clement / Pavano at 1:20.

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