August 1, 2005

August And Everything After

The dark cloud of the trading deadline has passed, Manny and Mueller (and Hanley and Anibal and Yook) are still wearing red socks, and the team is on a five-game winning streak. And it's games like Sunday's that make you believe anything is possible this year. (Especially since the impossible happened last year.)
The rumbling in the stands began as soon as he stood up in the Red Sox dugout, a bat in his hand, and was a full-throttled, foot-stomping roar by the time he emerged from the dugout late yesterday afternoon at Fenway Park. Baseball's trading deadline had passed, Manny Ramirez was still in a Red Sox uniform, and a full house on Yawkey Way left no doubt about how it felt about that.

"I was confused," said Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz, who was at home plate in the middle of receiving an intentional walk when the cheering erupted. "I looked back [toward the dugout]. I saw my man.
Jon Papelbon, who struck out seven Twins in 5.1 innings in his debut, was on the bench with fellow rookie Manny Delcarmen: "I said, 'Man, I got goosebumps.' He said, 'Yeah, they're going up your neck.' Man, I tell you what, he had goosebumps, too. I think, to be honest with you, I bet you everybody on the bench did."

I don't think we'll ever really know the truth of what happened between Francona, Brad Mills and Manny. Tito: "I hope we have one or two of these (controversies) every year, for the next three or four years, and we'll deal with it." Sure you do, Terry.

Most of the stories today were very upbeat, but Tony Massarotti and Eric Wilbur had to piss in the punch bowl. ... I do agree with Wilbur, however, that Ramirez will likely be somewhere else next season. However, that is something to discuss in November.

Theo Epstein:
I like our depth, and what we have in Triple A, and we'll rely on that. We were able to protect the integrity of our farm system. I feel great about that. You have to have the confidence to say no to a deal sometimes. It's like you go to a store with $5 for milk, but you find out milk costs $100. Maybe you leave the store without milk. ...

You ask how I feel about this club and I feel good. ... July is always the tensest month of the year, especially in Boston. We weathered it. We had our trials and tribulations and found a way to get through it with our heads held high and together as a team. ... Things are good with Manny right now. I think you have to take him at his word. He's really happy to be here.
Delcarmen made his Fenway debut, in relief of Papelbon: "I was nervous, just trying to keep it together out there. ... I kept my cool and tried to do what I could do, but I was out of my mind on the mound. I've always dreamed to be in Fenway Park."

Mark Bellhorn begins a rehab assignment with Pawtucket today. ... Jose Cruz Jr. will be in Boston for tomorrow's game against Kansas City. ... Matt Clement will start Thursday afternoon. ... Even while giving his acceptance speech in Cooperstown, Peter Gammons kept his Blackberry on (he did turn off the ringer on his cell phone, however). A transcript of Gammons's speech can be found here.

Both the Red Sox and Yankees (2.5 GB) are off tonight.


Anonymous said...

And alls well that ends well. Manny's such a charming manboy he will always be a fan favorite. Still, Francona can't be paid enough to put up with it. Glad Mueller is here to stay, til year end anyway. Too bad about the viagra guy and his steroids. A thrillseeker as it were.

mouse said...

Manny's a goofball, but he's our goofball.

Whether he stays in Boston for 2006 is anyone's guess at the moment, but everyone's right in that we would've kissed 2005 goodbye had he been traded. When Yankee fans are cheering for that kind of move trade, you know it's a bad idea.

Yesterday's game was great. If I didn't know better, I'd swear it was scripted. It was just so...perfect. Like last October.

Laura said...

I really don't think that Manny will be traded after this season. Although he has requested trades in the past (and apparently even this past wwek), he wants to stay in Boston, and since he will be a 10-5 man after this season, he probably won't approve any trades. If his issue is privacy, he's not going to get that in New York, so why would he want to go to the Mets, who are the only team that will eat his salary.

phil said...

The 10/5 thing just means he can hold out for more money (like how Randy Johnson did, albeit under a different contractual trade veto).