August 19, 2005

Bellhorn DFA'd; Nixon Hits Foulke With Line Drive

Mark Bellhorn has been designated for assignment. He will be forever remembered for being One Of The 25 and his huge home runs in ALCS Games 6 and 7 against the Yankees and against the Cardinals the first game of the World Series. However, there really is no place for Bellhorn on the team at this point. ... Now, why is Millar still drawing a check?

Keith Foulke's simulated game this afternoon was cut short when he was hit above the right elbow by a line drive hit by Trot Nixon. Edes:
Foulke was not using the protective screen that many batting practice pitchers use and he was struck on the arm on the third pitch he threw. ... Nixon said that Foulke told him the ball hit him just above the right elbow, striking the fleshy part of the arm and not bone.
Nixon hopes to rehab with Pawtucket this weekend and rejoin the Sox on Tuesday in Kansas City.


peter* said...

The only kind of check that Millar deserves is one he ACTUALLY has to draw.

Soxfanatic said...

It's about time they got rid of Bellhorn. It has been very frustrating to see this guy take call third strikes time and time again like he is too tired to swing. Granted he does walk a lot but anyone can go up to the plate and just take pitches until he either walks or fans. His fielding has left a lot to be desired also. I have always been suspicious of anyone who shows no emotion in a game. As for Millar, I think it is time he be moved on. Granted he can play the outfield as well as first base but with Kapler back and Nixon soon to be back this guy is expendable. Is it me or does Millar hit more long foul balls to left than any other ten players. One would think that he could alter his swing or his stance to hit more fair balls. Not a single home run since early June.

Andrew said...

I love it when people assume walking is just the easiest thing in the world, that all you have to do is not swing. Walking is a skill, and more than that it's indicative of an incredibly important skill- strike zone recognition. If pitchers thought he was just neer going to swing, they would have grooved it more; the fact that he stil got walks - that is, that there were enough pitchers trying to paint corners and missing - should tell you that he was still just being very selective. Strikeouts happen, just like other outs.

Jason Adams said...

Walking is a skill but if the ball is in the zone then you have to protect and whenever Bellhorn swings the bat he doesn't even foul the ball off, he merely whiffs. His BA and OBP are both almost 50 points lower this season than last year. Graff's OBP and SLG this season are very close to Bellhorn's last season.

DanM said...

Up, Up and Away with Mark the K! Oh happy day. Now back to the mound and lets figure something out!