August 8, 2005

G110: Red Sox 11, Twins 7

They won. That's the bottom line.


yaztex said...

A lingering question from Saturday's stultifying loss to the Twins - can someone tell me why Adam Stern continues to take up space on this roster? Is Rule 5 intended to serve as a teflon covering for a guy who seems totally inept on the base paths?

Prior to misjudging the PB by Mauer and getting rung up at 2nd in his ill-fated attempt to steal, Sterno was picked off less than two weeks ago when he came in late in the game as a pinch runner with the Sox down 1 0r 2 runs late in a game.

Other than his 9th inning HR against Chicago on July 22 (changing a 8-2 blowout to an 8-4 cliffhanger), what talent does Tito see in this guy?

After 22 games he sports an impressive OBP of .200 and BA of .143. With Cruz on board and Kapler back in the fold and rounding into form, can there possibly be any logic to keeping Stern once Trot comes off the DL?

Devine said...

God, can that please be the last errant-throw-fest we see this year? That was terrible. I about died in the ninth inning.

redsock said...

Can they be that adverse to losing Rule V-er Stern back to Atlanta?

He's fast, but that's about it. And he's learning on the job (or the basepaths). It's not pretty.