August 24, 2005

G123: Red Sox 5, Royals 2

Good Things: Edgar Renteria's three hits and two runs scored; Jeremi Gonzalez's three hitless innings of relief; and the team's five doubles and one home run (out of nine total hits).

Bad Things: David Wells's high pitch count (90 in five innings: 27-17-20-12-14) and Mike Timlin pitching to seven batters in the ninth, needing 34 pitches and allowing three hits, a walk and two runs before closing out the win.


Timmy Mac said...

One of these days, we're going to have a closer that, you know, closes, and I'm not going to know what to do!

mouse said...

The bullpen issues on this team were bad at midseason, but now they're just ridiculous. All the people shouting "Timlin should close!" should remember his performance last night...against the worst team in baseball. Timlin is not the answer. Temporarily, maybe he can get the job done, but I'm even having my doubts about that now. Ugh.

Also, WHY is Remlinger still on the roster? If I'd known he would be our lefty setup guy down the stretch, I would've insisted on keeping Alan Embree.

I am hoping beyond hope that Foulke comes back soon and is even a shadow of his '04 self. Because frankly, all the other options at the moment suck. Except maybe Craig Hansen, but it's risky to expect a rookie to come into the majors and dominate. And should he be called up and not be effective, it could seriously set him back, a la Cla Meredith.

SamW said...

Why is Timlin "closing" in a game against KC where we have a 5-run lead? He leads the league in appearances! If we're to have naything from him in the late days of September or afterwards, then won't Terry have to give him a rest by using him more judiciously?