August 28, 2005

G127: Tigers 12, Red Sox 8

Worst game of the year? Probably. The Sox took a quick 6-0 lead, and lost it almost immediately. Detroit outscored the home team 12-2 over the last six innings, ending the 14-game Fenway Park winning streak. In the last three games, against the Royals and Tigers, Red Sox pitchers have allowed 28 runs.

Keith Foulke pitched 1.2 innings for Lowell (A) last night, allowing one unearned run on three hits. He threw 27 pitches, 17 for strikes, and is scheduled to pitch another inning or two today.

Edgar Renteria is hitting .464 (13-for-28) in his last seven games and has hit safely in 19 of 23 games this month. ... Hooray! Mike Remlinger was designated for assignment today. Abe Alvarez was called up from Pawtucket.

Adding insult to injury, the Yankees scored five times in the bottom of the ninth and beat the Royals Saturday afternoon, cutting the East lead to a mere 1.5 games.

Gordon Edes writes:
One final indignity for Mark Bellhorn: When the second baseman inquired about retrieving his stuff from the Fenway clubhouse, he was told he couldn't get it. The Rolling Stones were on the premises, and club officials asked Bellhorn if he could wait until after their concerts. Bellhorn went home to Phoenix. "Mick Jagger had dibs on the clubhouse," said Bellhorn's agent, Mark Rodgers. "Even though Mark hit three home runs in the postseason, he's still not Mick Jagger."


L-girl said...

Mike Remlinger was designated for assignment today.


mouse said...

Mark Bellhorn deserved far better treatment than God, does that piss me off. The guy was an integral player in last year's postseason and he's not even allowed to clean out his locker??!

Screw you, Stones.

DanM said...

Pitching, pitching and less pitching ...
what a difference a year makes. But, things are in balance - Mark the K is gone - his stuff is now gone too. Now why Tito still platoons everyone is beyond me. Still, its pitching that we ain't got (but Graffinino is at second!)

stankyfish said...

Mike Remlinger was designated for assignment today.

At long last

Anonymous said...

I swear to God, I can't get over the way Bellhorn's being treated. Congrats to him for his Yankees deal. I hope he makes us regret this.