August 28, 2005

G128: Red Sox 11, Tigers 3

In which the world returns to normal.


mouse said...

Feels like it's been awhile since Boston had the last laugher. The offense is still raking at Fenway like always, and today there was pitching to back it up. WOOHOO!

Thank you, Boomer. That was a much needed performance.

Oh, and happy trails, Remlinger (finally). Hope you enjoy retirement.

Iain said...

Just gotta hope we don't return to some bizarre parallel universe against the Devil Rays.

peter* said...

Iain. the Sox are encompassed in a bizaare parallel universe. In fact, they are in the middle of the warped system with no hope of escape. If they learn to win within that universe, we'll be ok. I get dizzy thinking about it. Our Red Sox will adapt, or become extinct for 7 months and rise from the ashes next year. Up to them, my friend.