August 31, 2005

G129, 130, 131: Win, Win, Win

Monday: Red Sox 10, Devil Rays 6
Tuesday: Red Sox 7, Devil Rays 6
Wednesday: Red Sox 7, Devil Rays 6

Now in Canada and online, but swamped with things to do. Had tonight's game on in the background while I did some unexpected painting (way to go, Millar!). A lot more painting tomorrow before the movers arrive with all our stuff early Friday morning.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words. Check out wmtc for more info on The Trip.


stankyfish said...

Every time I rip on Millar in casual conversation, he hits home runs and plays like an allstar. I guess I need to do it more in order to prepare for tonight's game, Millar, you stink!

Anonymous said...

I finally got to use my first set of tickets, from on-line box office purchase from February, last night. Whew, what a great game, although I nibbled my finger nails all the way to my knuckles during the first 3 innings.

Since I haven't been in The Park since last season, I noticed one very huge, unmistakable change that has taken place (I hope all games have this change). The presense of the typical, lately obligatory at all minor and major league stadiums, most annoying, "introduction of batter-up" sh!tty music WAS NOT THERE-blasting in my ears as I try to enjoy the game and the people around me and The Park.

Are all games at The Park under this new, baseball friendly, format?

VarmintCong said...

It's funny you should say that stankyfish...

Everytime Millar comes to the plate, and I call him "dumbshit," he seems to get on base. Needless to say, it has no become a ritual.