August 29, 2005

Goodbye, New York -- Hello, Toronto!

On Tuesday, August 30, 2005 -- 6,814 days since I moved to New York City from Burlington, Vermont -- Laura and I will drive to Mississauga, Ontario.

We will have the dogs and some essentials with us, as most of our stuff was moved out last Friday. For the few days, I'll be following the Sox like they did back in the Stone Age -- reading the three-paragraph wire story (and box score) in the morning paper's sports section.

The next JoS post will come from a basement in Port Credit.



sarah said...

good luck alan!!! mike and i just did the exact same thing when we relocated to boston and so far so good. you'll do great. living without the sox for a couple weeks was the worst part of the move!! i'll see you at a jays/sox game one day, alright? take care!

J Colombo said...

Good luck with the move. I hope the dogs behave. AT least there is one less Red Sox hat in N.Y.

VarmintCong said...

Have fun in America JR.

Seriously, safe travels and good luck guys.

Andrew said...

And this just a day after I move back from Toronto to Boston.

Good luck, and say hi to Toronto for me.

Devine said...

Good luck, sir (and ma'am)!

Andrew said...

Welcome to Canada! Feel free to check out my dog and pony blog if you like. I'm a Montreal Expos fan (still am, although history wise nowadays), so it has its fair share of Expos references! Oh, and I like the Sox as well!