August 9, 2005

Miller On DL; Remlinger Joins Bullpen Tonight

Wade Miller was placed on the disabled list to make room for Mike Remlinger, who is expected to be in the Red Sox bullpen tonight.

Remlinger was DFA'd by the Cubs last Friday. Boston sent minor league pitcher Olivo Astacio to the Cubs. ... Remlinger's stats (which show a clear reverse platoon split) :
2005    AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS
v LHP .326 .396 .488 .884
v RHP .210 .280 .420 .699

v LHP .303 .347 .500 .847
v RHP .191 .296 .206 .502
2002-04 AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS
v LHP .266 .329 .428 .757
v RHP .184 .289 .273 .562
2005    IP    H  BB   K  WHIP   OBP
v LHP 10.1 14 5 10 1.84 .396
v RHP 22.2 17 7 20 1.06 .289
Ricky Bottalico was assigned to Pawtucket. He posted a 4.54 ERA in 40 games for Milwaukee, though his ERA over his last eight appearances was 10.13.


peter said...

Hi. Great site.

Have to think Remlinger will be gone faster than you can say Jose Cruz Jr, no? His performance tonite was a mess.

mouse said...

Nerves, maybe?

I don't think it was a bad idea to try Remlinger out when there was a five run lead. However, I think he should've been given the hook before it became a bases loaded no-out situation. Bad call, Terry.

I do hope this guy isn't "Embree Redux." He probably warrants another couple of tries before passing final judgment on him.

phil said...

Remlinger got a bad break with what should've been a double play. (Thanks for winning it in the end, Edgar, but fuck you on fielding.) Two outs with a guy on third would've done a lot to calm him down.

Eric said...

Considering the quality of umpiring in this series, I'm willing to give Rent the benefit of the doubt and say that he got the out at second and dropped the transfer.