August 18, 2005

Two Big Steroid Suspensions Coming Friday?

Clemens and Damon?

From a thread Thursday afternoon at Sox Talk (a White Sox board):
I am just repeating what was told through my source that I have through MLB that works with MLB's press releases. ... I am hearing that 2 of baseballs biggest names will be announced friday after they tested positive for steroids, i guess they appealed just like palmeiro did and that is why it took so long for this to come out. I must also tell you that my source told me about palmeiro testing positive 2 days before they announced it, so i have a reason to believe he is also right this time. A starting pitcher (old) from the astros and a center fielder from the red sox have tested positive and they will be announced and suspended come friday.
Teinowitz [ESPN radio host] giving more hints, 'one in the AL and one in the NL, both in the AllStar Game this year'. Jurko saying that he'd guess the Cubs would love one of these guys as a FA next year, implying Damon. Mac also asked something implying Damon. Now he's saying that one guy is a pitcher and the other isn't. Also that one of the guys has been on their show (so they're basically backing up Damon and Clemens)
They closed the show with it also - confirming that they were told 2 players, 1 NL and 1 AL who's teams would be in the playoffs if the season ended today - tested positive.
The Neyer stuff, from his Thursday chat:
Derek in Iowa City: What's with the rumors about the two "superstars" that have tested positive for banned substances?

Rob Neyer: We're hearing the same rumors at ESPN, along with some actual names. But I don't have any interest in spreading rumors. We'll know when we know. ...

Dan (Boston): Are you a Carpenter or Clemens man?

Rob Neyer: Clemens, although that could change soon.
Two SoSH threads.


stefan said...

In this story, Damon's quoted as saying in response:

"Once your name is thrown out there, people start assuming. I'm used to this stuff. I've heard so many rumors about myself, it's crazy. What can you do about it? You're in the spotlight. This is as close to Hollywood as it gets."

Now, if he tested positive, he knows the announcement's coming. Why would he bother saying something like this (though, it's not a straight-up denial) if that was the case? I guess we'll find out one way or another.

For what it's worth: his batting average and slugging are up, but his home run production is down from the last few years.

stefan said...

Further to that:

"No way. If I tested something positive for anything, then someone threw something in the (sample). I think it's because of the way I'm built. I've had people thinking that since I was in high school."

"I think it starts with a rumor, a reporter somewhere wants to see if a player will crack," said Damon, who said he was tested both in spring training and some months ago. "They'll say anything. They want to come after stars, they want to see how people react."
Damon said being linked to the rumor mill is nothing new for him.
"I'm used to that stuff this year, with my personal life this year in Boston," he said.

redsock said...

Thanks. Similar quotes in the Hartford Courant.

peter* said...

I hope this is all bull shit. It's the last thing the team needs. $ games with our situation. We need another 10 days to get Fouke and Schill in their correct places on the team, at least. Keep at at four for 10 more days, and WOW.

Jack Marshall said...

You can relax. An unimpeachable source at MLB tells me that the Damon/Clemens story is absolutely an internet hoax, spread by blogs. Imagine that!

L-girl said...

an internet hoax

If only we could say that about certain commenters... hmmm...