April 10, 2006

Crisp: Minor Injury or Out 8 Weeks?

Although an Ortiz contract extension announcement is apparently right around the corner, the various reports about Coco Crisp's left hand will be the talk of the Nation on the off-day Monday. From the SoSH thread:
6:31 PM
According to Amorosino on WHDH Crisp broke his hand on the left knuckle yesterday. Out about a month.

6:44 PM
There is a quote from Coco on the Redsox.com about how it swelled up after the game but there was no pain and they didn't even x-ray it. The entire article is about how it wasn't a big deal.

8:42 PM
Update from Redsox.com:
"WHDH-TV in Boston reported on Sunday evening that starting center fielder Coco Crisp could miss up to one month as the result of a broken knuckle in his left index finger. Reached by phone on Sunday night, team spokesman John Blake told MLB.com that the club could not confirm the report and that there was no immediate change to the original diagnosis of a jammed finger. Crisp will be examined by the team's medical staff on Monday."

10:10 PM
No mention on Red Sox This Week from Dan Roche or Tony Massarotti, will have to wait for the 11 pm news or Sports Extra/Sports Final.

11:07 PM
Perlow said on Sportsdesk that Crisp should be in the lineup Tuesday. Said injury was "jammed finger".

11:08 PM
WHDH still says it's broken knuckle in his left index finger. Out up to four weeks. Will have testing done tomorrow by the medical staff.

11:27 PM
WCVB reports that Crisp likely won't be in the lineup until May.

11:31 PM
Michael Silverman (Herald) is on WHDH right now and says he's surprised by the report and that Coco said, "I'll be ready on Tuesday."

12:06 AM
Steve Burton reports that Crisp has a fractured left index finger and could miss six-to-eight weeks.

12:20 AM
Gordon Edes (Globe) reports that an Orioles doctor looked at it and preliminary reports are that it's fractured. Coco said earlier that if it was October, he'd be playing.
A story in this morning's Herald reports "up to four weeks".

Stay tuned.

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BlackJack said...

I'm not believing anything until I hear it from the Sox. Never thought I'd say that!

In any case, if Crisp is out for a month or so, I think Stern and Harris can hold down the fort in the mean time. Crisp going down won't be as devastating as Schilling and Foulke going down last year was.