April 14, 2006

G10: Red Sox 2, Mariners 1

Mariners - 000 010 000 - 1  4  0
Red Sox - 000 200 00x - 2 10 0
And it's raining dirty water tonight in Boston!

Curt Schilling was spectacular (8-3-1-0-7) for the third straight start. In the spring, I figured he had to be better than in '05, but in no way did I expect this kind of success (command, velocity, stamina) right out of the gate. Jonathan Papelbon finished it off.

And on a night when Manny Ramirez continued to slump and David Ortiz couldn't hit the ball out of the infield, #9 hitter Alex Gonzalez went 3-for-4, including two doubles, the second of which drove in the two runs needed to win this game.

Pitch of the Game: Schilling's nasty outside splitter to Ichiro in the top of the sixth. With the tying run at third and one out, that strikeout snuffed out Seattle's budding rally. Schilling then got Jose Lopez swinging to end the inning.

Previews: Seattle / Boston.


Yaz-Tex said...

Watching the feed on NESN, I, too, exalted in the fact that the Big Guy seems to have not only returned to his old form, but may be bringing perhaps the best stuff of his career.

For a guy who's arguably the best pure contact hitter in the game, Schill made Ichiro look absolutely hapless in the sixth, practically cork-screwing him into the wet ground as he flailed at strike three. A third consecutive masterful performance on a what appeared to be a miserable night.

Did anyone else harbor a silent concern about the steady rain and the sloppy footing that was apparent on the mound? I didn't catch the post-game press conference, and wondered if any of the assembled Knights of The Keyboard posed the question to Schill or Tito about concern for the possibility of injury to the world's most famous ankle tendon sheath.

After going 3-22 in one-run games during the 162-game 2005 campaign, the Sox have matched that total after 10, with three consecutive 2-1 victories (all saves by Papelbon). If Foulkie's impressive outing of the night before is a harbinger of his return to his old form as closer, how long will it be before Tito send Pap to the bump every 5th day, allowing Theo to send Wells packing?

I put the over/under at May 1 - I'll take the under if Wells spits the bit again in two more starts. Opposing opinions welcome....

Jack Marshall said...

Correction, Yaz: 3-22 in games where the Sox scored 2 runs or less. Their 1-run record was a whole lot better. I know you know this.

On his XM radio show last month, Kevin Kennedy ridiculed a Sox fan who called to express excitement that Schilling looked so good in Spring Training. Kennedy just belittled the guy, laughed at him. "So you're not concerned that he's only throwing 85?" Rob Dibble joined in the mocking too. "You can't just believe what the papers write," Kennedy lectured. "Believe me,there are meetings going on about Schilling right now." Well, Schilling HAD been hitting 91-94 on the gun, just like the fan said, and as subsequent events have proved, the Sox caller was 100% right and self-styled "insider" KK was dead wrong, and arrogant and abusive to boot. I've sent several e-mails to him challenging him to apologize to that caller, but he's managed to be very quiet about Schilling. He's an ass, which is the major reason he was (rightly) fired by Duquette, and he's been knocking the Sox ever since. Doesn't it speak volumes that Grady Little, who has about half the brain pan size of Kennedy, could get a manager's job before Kevin, who has now been a free agent for 10 years?

Yaz-Tex said...

Right on, JM. Thanks for the editorial correction and keeping things properly between the lines.

Concur on the dip-shit KK. At 10 years and counting, he remains a perennial BMA (Barry Melrose Award) winner, an honor bestowed on analysts who've logged more years in the studio than on the bench.

A true legend in his own mind, Kennedy's knowledge of the game and its nuances is matched only by that of his big-haired sidekick, Bubbles Zelasko. Though both love the camera, Kennedy's love for the big lense will always be unrequited.

Peter N said...

Well, YT, the DL, (at Wells' wish?) is becoming. And Lenny's first day of the rest of his season might just be happening, in the morning, on Monday, the day called Patriot's Day. That sounds just about right.