April 21, 2006

Wells In Pain; Crisp Will Miss Road Trip

We probably shouldn't expect too much more from David Wells.

He received his second injection of Synvisc yesterday and after playing catch, said his right knee "still hurts. I could feel it on almost every [throw]. If I struggle to play catch, imagine pitching. ... If [the shots] don't work, then I don't pitch and I go home. There really isn't anything you can do. ... If I knew (in the offseason) that this was going to happen, I would have said goodbye last year."

Coco Crisp is now wearing a more flexible splint on his left index finger, but he's still two weeks away from working out. Terry Francona said "the hope is that when we get home off this trip, another 10 days, he'll be able to start ... hit[ting] off a tee, then soft-tossing [batting practice] and that progression will lead up to him playing in games."

Ex-Marlins teammates Josh Beckett and AJ Burnett face off at Skydome tonight. Beckett: "You know what's great about the American League? I don't even have to face him [at the plate]. It's going to be fun. ... He's a friend of mine, and I hope he does well. I just hope I do better." ... Burnett: "I wish we could hit. Beckett-Burnett? That would be cool, man. I've always been a big Josh fan, whether we got along or not."

Personal Note: I'll be leaving for a three-week vacation in Peru this Monday night (back May 18). With luck, I'll be able to visit internet cafes every other day or so. Ideally, I'll have open threads for each series -- including the Return of Johnny to Fenway! -- for game comments and news.


Peter N said...

We'll miss you when you're gone, but the winning percentage will stay the same.....here's hoping.

redsock said...

It sucks to go away during the season -- and miss the first MFY games -- but what can you do? Better early in the season than late.

I think I'm missing 22 games -- maybe there will be a lot of rainouts! :>)

I see no reason why the winning should not continue. It's not as though the Sox are playing over their heads. If anything, they have been slumping now and again at the plate.

Zenslinger said...

The Sox will be here when you get back, but it's not every year you get to go to Peru. Enjoy it!

redsock said...


Machu Picchu has been on Laura's list of places to visit since she was a little girl. And after saving money for the move to Canada, we're now taking a big trip for the first time in 3 years.

She will also be putting her travel journal online as we go at her blog for those who care.

I don't know how much websurfing I'll be able to do, so I expect you guys to keep me informed about the Sox while I am gone.

L-girl said...

but what can you do?

i guess you could stay home and i'll go without you?

our first trip during baseball season (except for baseball road trips, of course) since 1998. pretty good.

hopefully machu picchu and the nazca lines will be worth it. not to mention roast guinea pig.

L-girl said...

ah, the zenslinger is a smart one.