April 23, 2006

G19: Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 3

Red Sox   - 300 100 011 - 6 12 1
Blue Jays - 000 300 000 - 3 10 0

I can't take the Red Sox radio announcers (Joe Castiglione and Jerry Trupiano) more than a couple times a year -- they chat about college sports way too much, make the game seem as exciting as watching paint dry, and just irritate the hell out of me -- so today I listened to the game online with the Jays announcers.

They were decent (I guess one of them was Jerry Howarth), calling the game simply with just a touch of homerism, and kept the stupid comments to a real minimum (though they did praise Jason Varitek for his mind-numbingly stupid bunt in the fifth inning as though he had cured cancer). (Reports from home indicate that the Jays TV announcers are okay until their team gets the lead, then they become insufferable dicks.) I'll probably check in with the visiting teams' radio guys on the weekends all summer. Well, every team but the Yankees.

A game of missed chances on both sides, especially in the middle innings -- Boston left the bases loaded in both the fifth and sixth inning (and had a total of 14 LOB) and Toronto left three on in the fifth and two on in the sixth.

But after Matt Clement left after a shaky outing (5.1-7-3-2-4), Keith Foulke retired all five batters he faced (striking out three), Mike Timlin allowed only a one-out single in the 8th, and Jonathan Papelbon, after the first two Jays got on to bring the tying run to the plate, toughened up and struck out Vernon Wells and got Troy Glaus to hit into a double play.

11:50 AM -- The Herald's Tony Massarotti reports that "Manny Ramirez spent part of his pre-game prep time doing imitations of Kevin Youkilis' batting stance, an act that had teammates in stitches." ... That's making me chuckle just thinking about it.

Youkilis, 1b
Loretta, 2b
Ortiz, dh
Ramirez, lf
Nixon, rf
Varitek, c
Lowell, 3b
Harris, cf
Gonzalez, ss
11:00 AM -- How 'bout we win one, hmm?


Sean O said...

Man, I love Joe C. and Trup. I thought it was pretty universal. Oh well.

At least we won!

redsock said...

From what I have read, fans either love them or hate them.

Jack Marshall said...

Boy, Redsock, you don't like ANYBODY!

I'm with Sean O., especially on Joe C., a no-nonsense pro who describes the game with pin-point accuracy and is never a homer (unlike Trup.)

H'e not Ned Martin, my all-time favorite, but he's damn good.

suzy lux said...

seriously, the eei guys are so old skool awesome. i thought everyone loved them?
the ones that suck are remy and orfatty. they end up talking bollocks and giggling like schoolgirls half the time. and they don't call the pitches like the guys on the radio.

suzy lux said...

ps. what do you mean by 'homerism'? like the 'swing and a drive!' stuff?

Eric said...

I grew up with first Joe C. and Ken Coleman, then Joe C. and Troup, so I have a soft spot for them, I guess. Although I do admit, I've switched over to watching games, rather than listening, because I wanted to see so-and-so's crazy curveball, rather than read about it.

Jack Marshall said...

Suzy: "Homerism" n.: the tendency of a supposedly objective play-by-play man to betray favoritism for the home team (See Thompson, Chuck; Rizzuto, Phil; Carey, Harry; and the especially long entry on Harrelson, Ken) in direct defiance of Boston radio tradition as established by Curt Gowdy and Ken Coleman. Symptoms begin with phrases like "Let's see if we can get the Sox a few runs" and get worse from there.

suzy lux said...

thanks jack. i get it now :)

i've never heard anyone but them, so ignorance is bliss for me i guess :)