April 1, 2006


The one phone call I enjoy making every year.

Added 2006 bonus: Living in New York from 1987-2005, I don't think I've ever seen a Red Sox/Yankees game with Boston's announcers. It was always either the dolts at ESPN or Michael Kay and all his inaccuracies and idiocies. (In recent years, we hit the ol' SAP button and enjoyed not understanding the Spanish announcers.)

Now, living in Ontario, everything is different (though I'm sure I'll get stuck with MFYES for a few games). I'm no great fan of Don "I Read The Media Notes Verbatim" Orsillo, but he's Vin Fuckin' Scully compared to Kay. Woo-hoo!

I guess I'll soon find out if the Jays TV guys make me want to claw my eyes out.

P.S.: In the US, EI has this music that it plays over the day's schedule before and after games ("Good Night!"). It starts with a cool bass line, then the clattering drums and excessive guitar soloing comes in. And I hum the tune on and off every day for six months. Sadly, I won't have that experience with Rogers in Canada. If anyone could somehow record an mp3, I'd love it. (Then I could burn about 70-75 versions of it onto a CDR!)


Roger Davis said...

If Berkett and Schilling stay healthy, the Sox will finish first. Yanks can't pitch. Jays will REALLY surprise, win the wildcard, and represent the AL at the WS. Bank on it!

Oh yes, enjoy Canada, eh.

Jack Marshall said...

These simulations all seem to be based on weak projections for Youk, Schilling, Lowell, Loretta, and Foulke, and overly optimistic assumptions for the Yankees' aging stars. And there still are morons out there who write that J.T. Snow is the Sox regular at first base. That jackass Murray Chass does it today, though I don't think there has been one second when that was the Sox plan. A Ken Rosenthal update: in January, when I wrote him that his Sox analysis based on Snow at first was unrealistic, Rosenthal had a nasty response. But yesterday I sent him the Globe story about Youk being annointed as the regular by Tito, and Rosenthal had the decency to write back and admit I had it right all along. Good for him.
I wonder what report Chass is reading?

redsock said...

Don't pay any attention to poor deluded old Murray. Read almost any of his baseball columns and it's clear he's still stinging over 2004. I'm surprised he doesn't have Stern in CF.

If the MFY have some injuries (or more injuries, since Pavano is shut down at the moment) -- doesn't matter whether it's in the lineup or the staff - it's gonna be ugly in the Bronx.

And by ugly, I mean beautiful.

Jack Marshall said...