September 7, 2006

Anibal Sanchez No-Hits Arizona

Anibal Sanchez, the former Red Sox pitching prospect who was traded to Florida in the Beckett-Lowell deal, threw a no-hitter in his 14th major league game, blanking the Diamondbacks 2-0.

Kason Gabbard:
Awesome. When he came up to [Double-A] Portland last year, that was the first time I've seen him pitch healthy. His stuff was unbelievable. Look at him now.
Manny Delcarmen:
Javy Lopez came into the bullpen and said, 'Anibal Sanchez threw a no-hitter.' I just saw him on SportsCenter pretty much crying, and I'm real happy for him. He's always been confident on the mound, like Papelbon, flying through the system and absolutely dealing.


Woti-woti said...

15 minutes of fame has it's benefits. D & C plus Miterparel (sp?)spent most of the morning on 'EEI pronouncing his name in different ways before an Hispanic caller corrected them. It's ah-KNEE-bil, not anna-bell. Mercy.

Miguel said...

It's very easy to criticize, but I will always go for trading prospects for established players. Hanley Ramirez is good, but he has made 20 errors. Becket may have dissapointed, but maybe next year he will throw a no-hitter and Lowell has been great. You have to take risks and hope there are a couple of more Anibal's in the minors. Lester, Papblebon and Delcarmen certainly had much better records than Sanchez.

Peter N said...

Where would we be without Lowell? You'r right! And this to Anibal. Long life, great career, and congrats!

sox9 said...

The Red Sox are the Wizard of Oz ball club: The GM needs a brain, the players need courage and the fans need heart. Nice to see all those empty seats in the late innings last night. The bandwagon has officially emptied. One thing I will give the Yankees and New York: it’s always baseball season in their world. They live it 24/7/365. Here in Boston people bail at the first sign of trouble. It’s football season. Great, go ahead. More tickets for baseball fans: all 10 of us here in Boston.

Jere said...

Hey dipshit, you just posted the same phony-ass comment on my blog. Cut and paste. This person is so clearly a Yankee fan in disguise.

"here in Boston"

But yet my statcounter mysteriously lists you as being in New York. What a shock!

Yeah, we're believing "sox9"! He must be a HUGE Ted Williams fan!

sox99 said...

I started reading these blogs recently and I have enjoyed the banter. I have been a Red Sox Fan all my life (season tickets Infield GS 16 for the last 11 years). I tried to post something today and I didn’t think I did it correctly. I tried on another blog and I think I was successful. Obviously, I made a mistake. Sorry. I consider myself new to computers and only recently had to set up an email account for a contract job I have in Northern New Jersey. The response to my thoughts is frightening as a Bostonian and a Sox fan. When the people I work with now say I’m from Red Neck Nation I don’t like it, but it’s hard to argue. Baseball is a fun game. Check your violent nature and the profanity at the door. Hopefully on your way out…

sox99 said...

Boy, I really don't know what I'm doing. Sorry for all this. I'll stick to TV and leave you young folks alone.

Jere said...

I answered this on my own blog. I will also leave you alone about this, young Allan!

Sean O said...

Thanks Theo & Wonder Twins, another brilliant move.

For a recap of the blatantly obvious written directly after the deal went down last november, check Fire Brand's comments. Beckett was a failure from the start, and trading two brilliant prospects for a pitcher with a 4.3 ERA on the road in the NL East... idiotic.

Maybe we can flip Beckett and Crisp for a 5th starter this offseason, finally get some value from our FO's total inability to do anything right.

Ben said...

I don't know. Beckett was a big risk for the Sox too. I think the front office gave up a lot for Beckett with his blister problems n all and being from a pitcher's park. I mean, I was excited to get him too when we got him, but when you look back at the facts it's just as much of a risk as playing a rookie.

I also don't understand why we take so many pitchers from the national league. They're ERA almost always goes up. Even Schilling's did when he came over, but yet we still go for them. Clement, anyone?

Anyways, I'm sure there are tons of you out there that disagree with me and will be list all the NL pitchers to come over and their ERA's and then you'll say that if Beckett has pitched like he did in FLA I wouldn't be saying this. And you're probably right, but that's mostly because there would be no reason to say it in the first place.

Alright, sorry to rant. I'm done.

Ben said...

Also, please ignore all grammatical and spelling errors in that post, and focus on what I'm trying to say. That's for all of you english teachers out there or people with OCD and/or low self-esteem issues.

9casey said...

Hindsight helps no one......

Miguel says "Hanley Ramirez is good, but he has 20 errors." A guy named Jeter had 22 in his rookie season.

Did anyone disagree with this trade in November?

Ben said...

Yes, but that's because I don't like trading away prospects and then seeing them prosper on other teams, i.e. Jeff Bagwell... and the Beckett trade pretty much cemented that belief.

Woti-woti said...

9Casey said "Did anyone disagree with this trade in November?"

Frankly, I was intrigued. I concluded that the computer geeks in the Fenway basement got tired of looking at spread sheets, computer sims etc. and talked the big wheels into constructing their own case study. How about trading kids for vets and see how it shakes? Pick kids that aren't going to play much in the show in 06 cuz Tito can only work in a few, trade them to a shit franchise going nowhere, plus get a stud pitcher in-waiting who has already beat the skanks in the big one. Swallow the bloated contract of a maybe has-been (what is a 'slow bat', anyway?) and see how it all goes down? Whatever happens, between the cartel and our matchless spin machine, there is little downside. Larry and the boys liked it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Honest, that's really what I thought at the time. Sox front office playing Frank Lane, trading Colavito for Harvey Kuenn, only with more moving parts and putting a hypothetical to the real test. A PR dream.

redsock said...

Boy, I really don't know what I'm doing. Sorry for all this. I'll stick to TV and leave you young folks alone.

No need to run off and abandon us whippersnappers. Please, feel free to keep commenting.

redsock said...

The bandwagon has officially emptied.

I hope so.

One thing I will give the Yankees and New York: it's always baseball season in their world. They live it 24/7/365. Here in Boston people bail at the first sign of trouble.

I've been a Red Sox fan since 1976 and I lived in New York from 1987-2005 (both when the Yankees were shit and when they were great) and all I can say to this is:

You must be on drugs.

Some serious, CIA-grade, mind-altering drugs. The kind Keith Richards dreams of.

Jackie said...

Perhaps it's "always baseball season" in NYYland because they do whatever's necessary (i.e., spend $200m) to ensure they're always at least in the playoff hunt? Or is that too obvious an answer? I'm guessing if this absurd downward spiral had happened to Georgie's crew rather than our guys, you'd see a similar number of empty seats in the Toilet.

As for Anibal - well, I'm glad for him, but it's hard not to be frustrated that we seem to have traded some of our best young guys (him, Cla Meredith, Freddy Sanchez, etc etc) and kept some who have so far seemed suspect (MDC, Hansen). Maybe it's just the vast difference between the AL and the NL, but I'm starting to think our prospect evaluation process might be a little suspect, particularly in the pitching department. ;)

One thing I've always wondered is whether the instability in our pitching coaching staff has had an effect, what with Dave Wallace's health problems and all... nobody ever mentions this, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's been a major factor in the terrible pitching at points this year.

L-girl said...

One thing I will give the Yankees and New York: it's always baseball season in their world. They live it 24/7/365. Here in Boston people bail at the first sign of trouble.

Oh my.

Oh my oh my.

I lived in New York City from 1983-2005. Pre-1983 lived in the near suburbs. Attended Yankee games from 1975-2003.

I also have been intimately related to the Red Sox and their fans for, shall we say, quite some time.

And I will confirm the opinions of our esteemed host:

You are on drugs.

If you are not ingesting the aforementioned mind-altering substances, then perhaps you are insane, or just dropped in from another planet, or are a troll, or some combination thereof.

L-girl said...

I don't know who Sox9 or Sox99 is, but Statcounter is not an accurate indicator of where someone is posting from. The NYC law firm where I used to work had an IP address from Baltimore. My current Toronto employer has one from Calgary.