September 3, 2006

G137: Blue Jays 6, Red Sox 1

I'm trying to have some hope for the wild card, but these bastards keep losing.


Gustavo Chacin (5.90) / Josh Beckett (5.11), 4 PM

Wily Mo Pena and Alex Gonzalez are in the starting lineup. Jason Varitek and Trot Nixon will likely not play today.

More from Tito in the Globe.


Jack Marshall said...

I find Beckett's quotes in this morning's Globe affirmatively offensive. He muses about how he wanted to come to Boston because of its post season potential, but that there was "no way" the team could get traction because of all the injuries.

I'll listen to that line from some players, even from Francona, but not Beckett. He's received great offensive support this year, and if he had pitched up to HIS potential, the Sox would be about four games better off in the standings. When he had the chance to be the stopper in the Yankee debacle, when the team's bullpen desperately needed him to go deep in the game and show that the Sox were not going to just lie down and die, he walked 9: a bush league, gutless, inexcusable performance.

He should keep his mouth shut, learn how to mix his pitches, and accept his own not insubstantial responsibility for the fact that the Sox (I think "bastards" is a tad harsh, no?) are only playing for pride in September.

Yaz-Tex said...

I agree with JM that Beckett's act on - and now off - the field has worn thin. With his ill-fated pitch and quote selections, the expression "a $50 haircut on a $.50 head" seems fitting.

When he was signed last winter, the trumpets sounded from the national baseball media that Beckett's arrival (as a certified Yankee-killer) would tilt the balance of power in the AL. I guess I sort of assumed that meant toward BOS, not to the bats of opposing hitters who've taken him deep more than any other pitcher in baseball this year.

As said haircut and scraggly beard proceeded to grace the covers of periodicals ranging from ESPN Magazine to Improper Bostonian, he has consistently failed to live up to the hype, with last week's 2-1 win at LAA the closest thing to getting a game from him when we truly needed it. Too little, too late.

His recent performance against the MFY was, indeed, a debacle, and leaves one to wonder if he has acquired a strain of "stageus maximus impotentus" (aka, Ed Whitson Disease) since his arrival in BOS. How many more times will we read of his exploits in Game 7 of the 2003 WS?

A lot of good that game has done us this year. The Starland Vocal Band earned less notoriety as a one-hit wonder for "Afternoon Delight" than Beckett has garnered from that one game.

What a piece of shit.

Woti-woti said...

Wait a sec. He does such a wicked mound-stompin' fist-pump after a big K. That's a warrior, Baby.

Peter N said...

Yes, but his refusal to rely on his other pitches and not always throw down the middle speedballs has hurt him immensely. That's where we miss the guidance of TEK behind the plate. You'd a thought he would have already made adjustments, but nooooooooo. Thick as a brick, in Jethro Tull words.

Woti-woti said...

er, Peter n, not that I like emoticons, but somebody needs to invent the 'sarcasm' one for people like me.

Gutch220 said...

Here's a funny baseball story if you want a good laugh.

Jack Marshall said...

Guys, please do recall that most of Beckett's absurdly large number of homers given up came with Tek behind the plate. Of all the various explanations of the Sox collapse put forth by the media, Varitek's injury is the most imaginary. How come Kyle Snyder had his best game with someone else catching? Was Tek any less pathetic than his replacements as a #5 batter? I love him, but he is just one player, and the Red Sox have had a lot of winning seasons through the years with lesser catchers.

Woti-woti said...

Jack, couldn't agree more. I'm just waiting for Nixon to hit a single and hear all about how he was missed in the 5-hole. Please. This team had fundamental weak spots all season, hopefully Theo will see through the attempts to blame the flushed season wholly on the absurd number of injuries.

Berserker said...

Hard to believe a pitcher could throw no-no while trippin' but it is a true story Gutch.

Back in the day when you could get away with anything.

Better version is here.