September 4, 2006

G138: Red Sox 3, White Sox 2 (10)

Carlos Pena won the game with a solo home run to right (his first long ball of the year) leading off the bottom of the 10th against Brandon McCarthy.

The Red Sox had tied the game at 2-2 in the bottom of the ninth when Manny Ramirez walked and scored on Mike Lowell's double.

Sexy Lips's nice start (6.1-6-2-0-5) was not wasted.


Jon Garland (4.47) / Julian Tavarez (4.90), 7 PM

Manny, Varitek and Nixon are back. Youkilis is back at the leadoff spot and Hinske (DH) is batting third.


Zenslinger said...

Four scoreless by Sexy Lips. Call me crazy, but I'm beginning to admire his perseverance.

Jason said...

RBI single for Nixon! He was missed in the 5-hole!!! ;)

Sean O said...

Sexy Lips pitches his ass off and cann't even get the win, that sucks. I can't wait to cheer Ortiz on tomorrow night, since we clearly need the bats right around now.

C'mon boys, salvage this one.

Matthew Kory said...

Hinkse has been killing us. I can't imagine why Francona has him batting 3rd...

still time to pull this one out, though I have no idea who's going to pitch the ninth.

brian said...

Carlos Pena just became a true Red Sock.

Julian Tavarez came through huge tonight. Just wanted to make sure that didn't go unnoticed.

Woti-woti said...

Excellent win, but I still have to ask 2 wee questions:

1. Why, oh why, is Tito letting Kapler steal at-bats from Wily Mo?

2. Should you be considering other career options if Alex Cora pinch-hits for you?

Jack Marshall said...

This one brought back memories, and I don't mean memories of July, when the Sox were still a contending team.

No, I mean memories of years like 1965 and 1966, and 1983 and 1992-94, when the team didn't have a prayer and you watched to enjoy the unexpected win, the surprise comeback, the veteran who showed guts under adversity (Taveras), the old pro who just kept plugging (Lowell) and the kid who gave hope that he might be a future star(Pena). It's not as exciting as a pennant run, but it's still the Red Sox, and that's not bad.

It's moot now, and as things turned out it probably doesn't matter, but watching Taveras starting reminds me that he was sitting in the bullpen being useless, an obvious candidate for a gap-starter, while Francona was starting people like Jason Johnson in key games. I believe the first time I suggested here starting Sexy Lips was in June, only because I looked at his career record. It didn't take rocket science to ID him as a decent option, but Tito couldn't see it until the cupboard was bare.

9casey said...

Jack, Julian hadn't started a game since 2002, he wen't 10-12 with a 5.40 era, be fair. And do you actually believe Tito makes that call?

Jack Marshall said...

I really do, because it makes more sense than starting a pitcher who is washed up (Johnson), or AA (Pauley) and Gayson Clabbord or whatever his name is. Taveras has the same kind of arm as Greg Harris, a middle-reliever who was turned into a very steady spot starter by Joe Morgan. Morgan believed you always looked first to your major league roster when desperate for a starter, and I agree with him. It makes sense.

Sean O said...

I have an extra ticket right by the Pesky Pole for the Friday game, any takers? My father's flying in from New Orleans for a week, and since i'll have seen 4 games in 10 days regardless of whether I go on friday, I figure i'd rather spend it with family.

Lemme know, eyerishman34 @