September 8, 2006

G141: Royals 10, Red Sox 9

In the middle of the 8th, I gave up on this game. Royals ahead 8-3, Red Sox down to only six outs. I was still watching, still scoring, but knew it was over. ...

Then the Red Sox scored six runs!

Manny grounded out to start the inning, but Lowell singled to center and Varitek homered into the Sox bullpen. 8-5. Wily Mo Pena doubled to left and scored on Crisp's groundball single to center. 8-6. Carlos Pena hit for Gonzalez and struck out. Crisp stole second before Youkilis walked. Loretta banged a first-pitch double into the left field corner, which brought in Crisp. 8-7. After swinging and missing a slider away, Ortiz got a fastball on the outside corner and drove it through through the shortstop hole. Two runs crossed and Boston led 9-8. It felt like old times. (Manny lined to right for the third out.)

Timlin came in for the save and blew it. A single, HBP and a bunt put Royals at second and third with one out. He got a huge strikeout, freezing Costa looking, but allowed a double to right from Joey Gathright. KC retook the lead 10-9. Lowell, Varitek and Nixon went down in order in the ninth.

Ortiz singled, doubled and tripled, and drove in four runs. ... Craig Hansen needed only eight pitches to retire the Royals in the seventh.


Javy Lopez has been released and Ken Huckaby is back in Boston. ... Tim Wakefield is penciled in for next Wednesday's game in Baltimore. Kason Gabbard will open the series on Tuesday and Curt Schilling may pitch on Thursday.

DeJesus, LF Youkilis, 1B
German, 3B Loretta, 2B
Grudzielanek, 2B Ortiz, DH
Sweeney, DH Ramirez, LF
Brown, RF Lowell, 3B
Shealy, 1B Varitek, C
Buck, C Pena, RF
Berroa, SS Crisp, CF
Gathright, CF Gonzalez, SS

Odalis Perez (6.43) / Kevin Jarvis (9.37), 7 PM
           Current   Remaining?  Final
Twins 80-59 11-12 91-71
White Sox 80-60 11-11 91-71
Red Sox 75-65 17- 5 92-70
Angels 75-65
Not too likely.


Gutch220 said...

Nobody posts on here anymore.

redsock said...


L-girl said...

Memo to Mike Timlin: you suck. Who will you blame this time? Liberals?

L-girl said...

Gutch, it's just a slow night. I'm sure the gang will be weighing in.

suzy lux said...

i want to kill timlin so badly right now. with his own hunting rifle.

brian said...

Alright I'm ready to say it....We're done. I refused to believe it, but after tonight's disaster and the fact that Tavarez is our ace, I have finally caved in. The climb is just too steep and our pitching is awful. 17 hits to KC?

2 bright spots:
1) Papi delievered another "Papi hit" in the 8th.
2) Javy Lopez is no longer a member of the Boston Red Sox.

redsock said...

no rifle for timlin. he uses a bow and arrow, like all real he-men.

From the Globe, March 24, 2006:


Timlin, a born-again Christian, starts whispering about the importance of faith and the beauty of the earth.

"It's a good prayer time." ...

After minutes that seem like hours, Timlin tenses. Out of the brush comes a feral pig, slowly and cautiously. Then another. They start chomping on the corn.

Timlin slowly reaches for the bow. ... The pig, now 15 yards away, is oblivious, inhaling the corn. Timlin takes a deep breath, exhales, and fires. The arrow travels twice as fast as Timlin's 93-mile-per-hour fastball.


The three pigs instantly scatter in three different directions ...

The sow starts screaming from the brush. Loudly. "She's not having a good day," Timlin says.

The pitcher's still whispering, but he's exhilarated and full of adrenaline. ...

"A good shot. She finally moved away a little bit and I drilled her. ... It's good blood. It goes right through them. Probably right above the heart. She ran about 40 yards over there. ... It broke her left front leg. I shot her on the right side, it went through and broke her left shoulder. She screamed for a little bit but she's probably done now. She gave a serious death squeal. She's kicking and then all of a sudden, wheeeh, and then stop. ..."


Quote from Timlin earlier in the article:

"I enjoy being out among God's creations."

9casey said...

Brian , might be on to something...

Next Year's somewhat realistic Lineup.

1 Youk
2. Andruw Jones(trade for crisp and hansen
3. Papi
4. Manny
5. Soriano( Screw it give him the money and let him play second)

6. Lowell
7. Tek
8. Nixon or Pena(Nixon can still hit when healty and Pena not ready for prime time)


Clemens ( am I reaching here)If not Lester(Godspeed young man)

Set up guys

We will have to see what comes available but a lefty would be nice.


Papelbon( Leave the Kid there for now)

That would put the payroll somewhere around 200 million , where it should be...

Could someone fax this over to Theo for me....Thanks

9casey said...

L-girl said...
Memo to Mike Timlin: you suck. Who will you blame this time? Liberals?

Did the liberals have someting to do with it?

Sitting here chuckling to myself wrapped in my confederate flag, spitting my tobbacco juice on my peanut shell covered floor , and slugging a Ol Mil Light in my George Bush Koozy....

All in good fun at least in my sick little mind!!!

Woti-woti said...

Delcarmen pitched worse than Timlin. I wish I'd saved the link, something in the Globe about a month ago after a bad Delcarmen outing and Timlin was quoted as counselling him to "not worry, God has a way of evening things out. He just thought (insert victorious team) needed help tonight." I didn't save the link cuz I figured there'd be such a hue and cry over such garbage I would see it everywhere. Obviously, I haven't. But this is Timlin. He shouldn't be allowed to mentor young pro athletes, let alone appear on the mound.

9casey said...

You would think Timlin just lost the 7th game of the alcs....He's 106 years old.........Jesus

Woti-woti said...

9Casey--no, I don't think it's 7th game stuff, I just think that when Joe Nelson can get a 3-up, 3-down save, you can expect your set-up guy to maybe do the same against (statistically) one of the worst hitting teams in the league.

Jason said...

Didn't they say at some point that the Royals are batting 5th in the league with RISP?

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see Timlin gone, but take away Shealy being being hit (or don't) and the Youks grass-slide f-up on Blanco's bunt, and they're probably out of that inning...

Woti-woti said...

Yep, I saw the RISP stat. So you don't want to give up 2-strike hits or plunk guys.

Getting back to team hitting with RISP, given the Royals differential between BA and RISP BA, the Sox being last, the White Sox being first etc., that whole area fascinates me. I need answers, Bill James.

Jason said...
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Jason said...

That damn smallball.

This is based on no numbers whatsoever (I wouldn't know how to find it), but it seems to me like whenever there's someone on base, 1-9 in the Sox lineup are looking to go long. Most of them (Kapler, Gonzalez, non-bobbled Cora HRs, Crisp...) wind up flying out.

It's been a huge peeve of mine how stationary the Sox are, that is how little they tag up and advance. There are probably a lot more White Sox ABs scored as sacrifices...

suzy lux said...

"I enjoy being out among God's creations."

yeah, enjoying nature and then proceeding to slaughter it go hand in hand in the (small) mind of a hunter. assholes, all of them.

Jere said...

I think Timlin heard "Gobble" and was distracted at the thought of killing innocent turkeys in November. Also, having been at the game, the comeback was really fun, as, for a few minutes, we got to laugh at everyone who left. But I guess it turns out they knew what they were doing.

So if the Twins and Chisox go .500, we only need 17-5 to get in? That actually sounds better than I would've thought. Still doable, but laast night was just ouchy.

L-girl said...

You would think Timlin just lost the 7th game of the alcs

No, just a blown save from a disgusting person. I hate blown saves, I hate Timlin, so last night was not my favourite kind of game.

It's true Delcarmen pitched worse, but blowing a lead in the 9th, after a great comeback, it's inexcuseable - unless you're either Jonathan Papelbon or Mariano Rivera. Not if a you're a war-mongering, bible-thumping, redneck freak.

People who leave games early are never right! (But I know you know that, Jere.)