September 9, 2006

G142: Royals 10, Red Sox 4 (12)

Looking at the standings this morning -- and seeing the Red Sox trailing the Twins, White Sox and the Angels in the wild card standings -- I finally told myself (am I the last one here to do this?) that there would be no playoffs for us this year.

So why did this loss annoy me so much? It isn't a "throw shit around" kind of anger, it's more of a slow boiling frustration.

The Red Sox had plenty of chances to win. Youkilis led off the 10th with a double. Varitek (pinch-hitting and batting RH) struck out and Ortiz grounded to shortstop. Yook moved to third on the grounder. Manny was walked intentionally (Bako had to dive to his left and back over the plate to catch Sisco's first ball, saving a game-winning wild pitch). Tito decided to send Kapler to hit fo Nixon and Nelson came in for the Royals (I would have stayed with Nixon vs the lefty Sisco). Krapler popped up to first.

In the 11th, still facing Nelson, Lowell singled and pinch-runner David Murphy was bunted to second by Crisp. Nelson fell behind Loretta 3-0 and decided to put him on. Cora then hit the first pitch for a 3-6-1 double play.

The top of the 12th was ugly. Three Red Sox pitchers throwing 34 pitches -- 6 runs, 4 hits (3 doubles and a home run just inside the Pesky Pole), one intentional walk, 2 hit batters, a double steal, and an outfield error.


Bottom 4th: Dustin Pedroia hit his first major league home run, drilling a letter-high fastball into the Monster Seats. Pedroia also singled in the first inning (he began the night with 4 hits in his last 40 AB). The single and HR are his first two career hits at Fenway Park -- and the only Boston hits so far tonight.

After the HR, Hudson walked three of the next four batters. He threw 38 pitches to the five Boston hitters. With the bases loaded, Crisp hacks at the first pitch and grounds into a force play at the plate. Mirabelli followd with an RBI-single to left, but Lowell was gunned down at the plate also trying to score. Game tied 2-2.


Luke Hudson (5.21) / Josh Beckett (5.11), 7 PM

Youkilis, 1B
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Nixon, RF
Lowell, 3B
Crisp, CF
Mirabelli, C
Gonzalez, SS


Woti-woti said...

Dear Tito:

Can Wily Mo please come out to play every day for the rest of the season? Since all the other kids know how Trot plays, whatever he does for the rest of the season won't make one damned bit of difference what kind of offer he gets from anyone. On the other hand, since we're playing mostly AL East teams from now on, our pal Wily can only get better for next year.

PS. We'll even send Wily Mo a dirty hat.

Matthew Kory said...

Josh Beckett infuriates me.

L-girl said...

Here we were, looking competitive, at least against the lowly Royals. But no. We manage to lose somehow.

Well, we haven't lost yet. It's only 10-4 in the middle of the 12th. I don't want to be one of those fans heading for the exits.

I'll keep watching.

Remind me why I chose this team again?

Stankyfish said...

Is there no end to this misery? As if last night wasn't enough deja-vu all over again, we have to sit through this tonight?

redsock said...

Remind me why I chose this team again?

The team chooses you. It's out of your control.

Gutch220 said...

-"Is there no end to this misery?"

The NFL?

Sean O said...

Why didn't I sell my Monster tickets back in July? Why did I watch these pathetic bastards blow it against the Royals?

What the fuck!?

Yaz-Tex said...

Death, where is thy sting?

I have two colleagues in my office in Dallas who grew up in KC, both of whom support their team with a passion no less than that which I have for mine. I may now have to work out of the house until the season is over just to avoid them.

After these last five games, I've lost track of the number of lunch bets I've lost to these guys as KC has kicked the stuffing out of the Sox in just about every way possible. Like the kid digging through the manure pile with the belief that "there must be a pony in here someplace!", their team's success in repeatedly bitch-slapping BOS has been the lone highlight of their 2006 season.

Why? When so much has been lost, and all signs point toward the inevitable disgrace of a 100-loss season, the small-market Royals are playing with big-market heart, balls, and brains, while Tito's lads can't seem to muster up a sufficient quantity of any as they forlornly play out the string.

My office mates are proud of their team for the grit they've shown in repeatedly spitting in the eye of BOS, and rightly so. Though it pains me to see my team laying down like a bunch of fucking lambs every night as the season goes up in smoke, I must "tip my cap" (thanks, Manny D., for that nugget after you gave up the 3R HR in the 12th last night) for the way in which their team has repeatedly gone through mine like a lawn mower through dog shit.

While the lost season of '06 will be remembered for many dubious moments (bad trades, injuries, Boston Massacre 2006), the Royals' three-game sweep in August and today's impending sequel will form the indelible memory of this lost season. My only solace this morning is found in two words:


Peter N said...

The best, the most realistic finish in the last 20 games for the Sox is right around .500. That would be an accomplishment. I just hope Papi gets his 50. He's done everything else this year!

Jere said...

Hey Pats fans, imagine how you make us Sox fans who don't care about the NFL feel when you continually rub in the fact that you do have another chance at a pro championship before October 2007! Stop! (Then again, even when I did care about the NFL, I didn't have a chance anyway, since I grew up rooting for the Jets.)

L-girl said...

The team chooses you. It's out of your control.

It's especially true in my case, with no geographical or familial excuse.

I also have two words:


L-girl said...

(am I the last one here to do this?)


redsock said...

I am a baseball fan.

What is this N - F - L?


Woti-woti said...

"What is the N.F.L.?

Amazing, I was drawn to this site without even knowing that it was a football-free zone. The NFL to me is simply all that is wrong with pro sports in North America, yet the other leagues hold it as the gold standard. Sad.

L-girl said...

a football-free zone

That's how I describe the contents of my brain. And my home!

A blog reader is taking us to a CFL game next season. That will be the first football I watch in... 3 decades?

Woti-woti said...

The C.F.L. limits the number of imports (read 'Americans') that can play in the league. I cringe every time I hear someone say that the C.F.L. is an example of something that 'defines' us as Canadian. My Canada doesn't tell somebody they can't work cuz they come from a different country. The irony is, the CFL really doesn't need the restriction. With the salary cap, few American college grads would bother to work for that.

L-girl said...
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L-girl said...

My Canada doesn't tell somebody they can't work cuz they come from a different country.


If the CFL ever removes that restriction, we'll hear the usual cries of Americanization, they're taking over, Canada's falling apart... :)

Woti-woti said...

L-girl, I have a feeling that sometime over this long, baseball-less winter we're going to be taking on the CRTC. Your blog or this one?

L-girl said...

Mine, definitely!

Yes, it's a long, cold winter for baseball-only fans. We watch movies.

Timmy Mac said...

It's a brave new world, kids. If, like me, you don't like football, but you have the internet, you don't have to go without baseball.

Here's my two words:


L-girl said...

I like my sports-free winter. Following baseball is a full-time job. I need a vacation.