September 13, 2006

G145: Orioles 4, Red Sox 0

Two hits.

Singles from WM Pena and Krapler in the second inning. Two runners as far as second base. ... Errors from Gonzo and Belli help the Birds get two in the second and Cabin Mirror pops a two-run shot in the fourth. ... At least the game zipped by (ending at 9:37).


Tim Wakefield (4.14) / Erik Bedard (3.91), 7 PM

Wakefield returns to the mound for the first time since July 17.

Sorry for not having anything new today. Busy working on some non-baseball writing.


Jere said...

Hey, we had hits, pural, tonight.


I'd like to see us not be eliminated until after the Yankees series. Please.

Jere said...

Plural. Sorry.

redsock said...

The MFY's magic number is now 7.

But who really cares when it happens at this point?

I'm sure that this weekend the classy fans in the Bronx will give our boys a sincere round of applause for being such a formidable opponent that ran into a nearly unprecedented run of bad luck regarding injuries and thus fell out of what would have been a thrilling and exciting race.

Because they're all about the love up there. ... In the Bronx. ... The Yankee fans.


It'll be fine.

redsock said...

Ahhhh, life in RSN ... where we feel worse after a 6-5 win than we do after a 4-0 loss.

Off to bed, to dream of Truck Day 2007 ...

Peter N said...

This kind of plural we DO NOT need.

Jere said...

Just meant I don't want them to clinch with us in the opposing dugout. I would've said I wanted them to clinch after OR before we play in the Bronx, but before isn't quite possible...unless we lose 4 games tonight alone and they win 3. And that somehow does seem possible right about now.

But you really nailed it about those Yankee fans, heh heh.

Jack Marshall said...

After a 5-ZIP pasting at home, a total humiliation in which the team showed little grit, determination, or ability to rise to the occasion in crisis (Schilling, Wells, Manny, Ortiz and Papelbon excepted), and Francona showed himself to be a lily-livered dufus, what possible difference does it make how the team does in the Stadium? Playing for pride? Baloney. The Yankees could play with donkeys strapped to their backs, lose every game 20-0 and still laugh all the way to the bank.

And gee, the Sox still lose games 4-0 with Wake catching even without Josh Bard having passed balls! After the injuries have faded into forgetfulness, Theo giving away Meredith and Bard may end up as what this awful misguided mess of a season is most famous for.

Woti-woti said...

We all know it's going to end Sunday night with Joe Morgan munching on his own words in the background. Sad to say, but the way the Sox are looking now, I only look forward to Papi/Willie Mo at-bats and AGon vacuuming at shortstop. The rest is just Morgan-munching.

Jere said...

"what possible difference does it make how the team does in the Stadium? Playing for pride? Baloney."

Is this referring to me? Because all I'm saying is that I don't want to see the Yanks celebrate the division with a win over us. That's it. All I'm sayin'. Like, several times now.

Jack Marshall said...

No, I wasn't refering to you.
Don't get paranoid on us, man.

Jere said...

You said it right after my comment. I didn't see anyone else around. So I figured, you must be talkin' to me. You talkin' to me?

L-girl said...