September 16, 2006

G147: Red Sox 5, Yankees 2

Beckett allowed a two-run home run to Cano in the second, then followed it up by giving up a single, double and a HBP. Rut row. But Damon hit into a double play and Beckett allowed only one hit over the next four innings (6-4-2-5-4, 112).

RBIs from Mirabelli, Murphy and Cora gave Boston a 3-2 lead in the fourth, four consecutive walks brought in a run in the seventh, and a wild pitch scored a run in the ninth.

And now a look at two MVP candidates and how they did under the glare of the Fox national audience and 55,091 fans in the Bronx:

David Ortiz (2 doubles, 3 walks):
1st: One out, Loretta on first, doubled to right
3rd: Two outs, Murphy on first, ground rule double to left
5th: Lead off walk
7th: One out, Loretta on first, walked
9th: No outs, Loretta on second, walked intentionally
Derek Jeter (1-for-5, SB):
1st: One out, grounded out to third
3rd: Lead off strikeout (looking)
5th: One out, single to center; stole third
7th: One out, one on, grounds into force play to third (as tying run), beats relay and avoids inning-ending double play
9th: One out, strikeout (swinging)
Jeter also made a throwing error in the third inning on Carlos Pena's infield hit.
Point, Papi.


Josh Beckett (5.09) / Chien-Ming Wang (3.60), 1:20 PM


L-girl said...

I've had the TV on mute today, but every time I turn on the sound, McCarver and Sidekick are either saying something stupid or praising Derek Jeter.

Shocking, I know.

Just now I heard that Trot is the most loved player in all of Red Sox Nation. Do you think Timmy has heard of this guy David Ortiz?

Woti-woti said...

How about that there were times in the 60's when Willie McCovey was so good that some guys hitting ahead of him would stop at first when they hit obvious doubles. If I had the dough, I'd hire a fact checker to audit everything McCarver says.

redsock said...

No need. Everything he says is wrong. Or incomprehensible.


Gutch220 said...

there is no glare of the Fox national audience , come on now. That's a reach. And today's game as well as the next three will have little to no effect on the MVP voting IMO.

McCarver is in need of a replacement though, I don't like him either. Too bad Kaat couldn't stay. Oh well

I think each double header will be a split.

L-girl said...

Gutch, you still haven't picked up on Redsock's sense of humour? Come on.

McCarver in need of replacement, hmm, you could say that, as he's been either senile or insane for a good 7 years now.

Woti, I caught that too!! The bizarre McCovey reference. Guys hit doubles and stopped on first. Mm-hm. Definitely save your loonies and assume everything Tim says is wrong.

Woti-woti said...

The other whacked-out thing about the comment was the reverence with which McCarver delivered it. Yet McCarver is a classic "he plays the game the right way" guy. So how could Timmy applaud guys that stop at first on doubles?

L-girl said...

Good point!

redsock said...

espn's rob neyer once said: "Tim McCarver would have Jeter's babies if he could."

visit shut up tim mccarver.

Jere said...

"And today's game as well as the next three will have little to no effect on the MVP voting IMO."

Not the games, the media! This weekend is key for Jeter, as all of America is basically TOLD by Fox that he's the MVP. That WILL affect voters, and it's a damn motherfucking shame.

How telling was it to hear McCarver admit that the more Yankees fans chant MVP, the more influence they'll have on voters...